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5 PDFBear Tools Every Teacher Should Know!

5 PDFBear Tools Every Teacher Should Know!

Being a teacher is probably one of the busiest professions out there. You will have to do a lot of paperwork, encode students’ grades, make presentations, make reports, and so much more! To lessen the stress that you will experience in doing these tasks, you must lessen all your miscellaneous work. It includes familiarizing yourself with the online tools available on the internet that can make your work more efficient.

In this blog, we will introduce to you the PDFBear PDF tools that can serve all your PDF conversion and other needs. They offer their services for free, and their platform is also easily accessible on all devices and operating systems. Their server is also trustworthy and user-friendly. Just keep on reading because we will list down the 5 PDFBear tools you will benefit from!

1. PDF to Excel Converter

As a teacher, you will deal with a lot of excel files. It may be your sheet for students’ grades or other managerial inventories and check how much is smartsheet cost per year. However, if a teacher sends you a PDF file, it may seem hard to manually type that data again into an excel file. This is where the PDF to Excel Converter will be handy and life-saver. It will allow you to convert pdf to excel in just one click. After your PDF has been converted to Excel, it will be alterable, and you can now make your edits. Rest assured that the Excel sheet will look exactly like the PDF version of it.

2. PowerPoint to PDF

It is part of every teacher’s job to make their PowerPoint presentations to be able to deliver their lessons more effectively. After these class discussions, the teacher also needs to send this presentation to the students as a guide for upcoming exams or quizzes. However, when a PowerPoint file is sent through any emailing engines, it might not be accessible to the other end, especially if the student is using a different operating system or device. As a solution to it, teachers will need to make a PDF copy of the presentations. This is where PDFBear’s PowerPoint to PDF tool will be beneficial for you. They will convert that presentation to a secured and compact PDF format. No need to spend time on manual conversions! Less stress for both you and your students.

3. Merge PDF

Sometimes, you will be receiving a lot of PDF files that you need to store in your storage. Through time, these PDF files will accumulate and you will now have a hard time managing those files. You will find it messy and uneasy to locate. Also, a lot of PDF files will consume your device storage. If you want to save your time in trying to create multiple folders to manage these files, we recommend that you use PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool. In just one file, you will be able to archive the PDF files in the same category. You will also save time in managing, locating, or archiving. Most of all, you will save your device’s storage.

4. Repair PDF

There are a lot of unwanted viruses and malware that are found on the internet. These are like pests that attack your important files. Of course, no one would want to repeat all the hard work just to redo the PDF files that have been damaged by these pests. So if you happen to have a corrupted PDF file and need it badly, the best and the quickest solution is to go to PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool. This tool promises to retrieve the contents of your PDF file. As a teacher who has a hectic schedule who cannot afford to repeat damaged files, this will be a total life-saver!

5. eSign PDF

Teachers also need to put their signatures on a lot of documents. If you think of it, signing documents also consume a considerable portion of your time. It can be tiring to sign tons of PDF files manually. As a hack, use PDFBear’s design PDF tool. This is a very efficient tool that you can use to put signatories. You can also customize your signature and choose the location on the PDF file where you want to put it. There are also a lot of different fonts, colors, and styles if you wish to use them.

In a Nutshell

The teacher will always have tons of tasks to accomplish. To accommodate their needs, PDFBear is always there to the rescue. Their efficient and free tool will make every teacher’s work more manageable and easier. Do not worry because PDFBear is a trustworthy platform that promises its users to delete all the uploaded PDF files on their server. As a teacher, you will not have to worry that your confidential files will be accessed by anyone on the internet. PDFBear may also be accessed on any devices such as cellphones, laptops, and PCs. You will be able to access it anytime and anywhere you want. The good thing is it is also Cloud-friendly. Make sure to check their website to know more of their tools which you can access for free!

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