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7 Characteristics That You Need To Think About Before Getting A Mattress

7 Characteristics That You Need To Think About Before Getting A Mattress

Home renovation such as changing your house items like rugs, carpets, or in this case, mattresses can be challenging, but it is also fun. Home renovation is one of the best phases in your life, and it is a symbol of a change and a level up in your current life. Whether you are moving to a new place, improving your home, or just needing a new mattress. Renovation is a sign of transformation.

If you are about to renovate and transform your current house, you probably plan to get a new mattress. If you do not know, this is one of the essential items in your home as you use it every day. The purchase of a new mattress needs to be thought through.

There are different mattresses for different personalities, habits, living conditions, characters, and preferences. A mattress should be personalized to maximize your sleep comfort. An insufficient uncomfortable sleep from a bed that does not match your needs can result in tiring work hours due to body pains that build up stress. Here are some characteristics you need to consider to find the right mattress for you.

Level of softness

Do you prefer highly soft mattresses or firm mattresses? What is the best for your comfort? This could vary depending on a person’s individual preference. Some people prefer very soft beds while others prefer firmer mattresses, especially those on the heavier side.

If a person wants something cushiony, then opt for memory foam. Although a soft bed seems promising, it has its cons; soft mattresses like pure memory foam can sink the sleeper, which is inconvenient for some if they are waking up. In this case, do not opt for beds that are too soft, and the best mattresses for you are polyfoam and hybrid. For the opposite effect, those who prefer firm beds can opt to shop for latex.

Move Around A Lot

Some people move around a lot when they are asleep. If that is the case with you, the least recommended mattress for you is pure memory foam. Its sinking feature is not recommended for those who move around a lot when they are asleep.

For those who move from time to time when asleep, there are many good mattresses for you. You can have a hybrid, polyfoam, and latex as other options for you. If you are on a budget, you can still opt for innerspring.

Prefers A Cooler Feel

If you prefer to be comfortable during summer, be wary of the mattresses you choose. For example, a pure memory foam, despite its softness, can trap heat. However, if you want something that has a cooling effect of having a cold impact on your body instead of heat, the best one to get is a cooling gel-infused mattress instead.

Other forms do not trap heat as well, which could be part of your options as well. There are breathable mattresses like hybrids or polyfoam.

Mattress’ Life

Most mattresses, as long as bought from the right source, are durable. Although materials are essential, make sure you buy from a trusted store may it be a physical or online source. However, the most durable type of material can be found on latex. A latex mattress can last up to 20 years, and even a bed can reach adulthood.

Sleeping Position

There are different types of sleepers, such as back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. For those who are back sleepers and stomach sleepers, you need to balance the weight. The bed should not be too firm, nor should it be too soft to avoid sinking. In this case, the best mattress would be a hybrid. Their mattress should only be medium firm.

For stomach sleepers, however, the best would be pure memory foam. For those who prefer other beds yet want to get some benefits from memory foam, you could also explore the polyfoam option.


There are many other things an individual does before they go to sleep. In some cases, some may use massage oil to calm them down from a stressful day. However, if you have memory foam as one of the materials in your mattress, this could stain your bed. You would opt to buy other mattresses such as latex that are more durable and easier to clean.

Allergies and Germs

Suppose pests such as bed bugs and microscopic germs have always been your problem. Then pure memory foam is the best option. This mattress, fortunately, is not habitable for these pests. You will never have this problem. Another option for those with allergies is hybrid mattresses.


All kinds of mattresses are good. However, people have different preferences. One bed is the best for one person while another is the best for someone else. Nevertheless, weigh these characteristics and assess the best one for you.


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