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ACCA vs CFA: is CFA harder than ACCA?

ACCA vs CFA: is CFA harder than ACCA?

Have you been seeking the perfect direction to kick start your accounting career and wondering which professional certification is tougher, CFA or ACCA?

Well, then you have landed on the right page as we are here to talk about the different prospects that CFA and ACCA can bring into your professional life and determine the examination that you should prepare for.

There are several accountancy certifications courses available for working professionals, industry experts and fresh graduates to help you require a decent job and a bright future.

Keep reading the blog post till the end to find out the different types of professional qualifications that Singapore has to offer you and why ACCA is the best choice out there for you to get closer to your career goals.

CFA course

The charter financial analyst (CFA) is considered a gold standard qualification within the financial sector that allows aspirants to reach a high reputation within their specific professional field.

The process of preparation allows you again knowledge of accountancy and finance and passing the examination can be quite rigorous, in which case a student is required to pass or at least perform well in all three sequential levels of the CFA examination.

ACCA course

The association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) is an internationally recognised accountancy qualification that is divided into 3 basic levels, which are the applied knowledge, strategy professional and applied skills section.

Preparatory courses on ACCA offered in Singapore can equip you with a diversity of industry-relevant skills related to taxation, auditing, accountancy and finance that can ultimately have a significant impact on your career trajectory.

Which is harder CFA or ACCA?

CFA is generally considered more difficult than ACCA, although the latter is greatly renowned across the world, especially in Singapore and has a higher percentage of students enrolling for the examination materials to ultimately complete it.

It also says generally a few years more to complete a CFA than ACCA, as the ACCA syllabus tends to be crisper and shorter than CFA.

Adding an ACCA qualification to your resume can help open up opportunities for employment that is only supposed to scale to higher levels, as well as get recognition across the globe as an accountancy expert to take up job profiles such as tax manager, Internal auditor or financial consultant.

ACCA preparatory courses taught in Singapore are highly sought after across the globe because of the high paying job roles that you become eligible to apply for right after acquiring the certification or passing the examination.

It can be quite confusing and overwhelming at the same time when it comes to choosing the best of the two available accountancy professional certification, which is why you need to keep in mind all the different criteria that differentiate the two qualifications, including difficulty level, relevance, and value.

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