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Ali Dizaei: A Hero without a Cape

Ali Dizaei: A Hero without a Cape

Ali Dizaei is one of the most famous Iranian ex-cop. He was a hard-working and honest cop throughout his career. During his service, he left a lasting impression on the UK police and global policing history. Ali Dizaei even protected her Majesty the Queen and kept London people safe in the aftermath of the July 7th London bombings are just a few examples of his policing career spanning 25 years.

He was always a media sensation due to his frank perspectives on racial discrimination in the London Metropolitan Police. Ali Dizaei had gotten progression after his analysis of the power following his cases of prejudice.

The police commander was a continuous media commentator on various issues, basically concerned with nationality and religion. In April 2008, Dizaei was promoted to the post of Commander, liable for West London.

In August 2008, he was given the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by the Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair. Ali Dizaei was appointed as the President of the National Black Police Association in 2008. He became the advisor on racial matters to the Home Secretary. However, his success streak was cut short after he was alleged of misbehavior and other false allegations.

This outspoken nature did not go down well with his colleagues, and thus he had to face their wrath. Ali Dizaei had to go through a lot during the court hearings. But he remained affirmed regarding clearing his name and fighting for his rights. He was jailed for 4 years; however, his wife Shy Dezaei remained on his side and supported him during this time.

He took a break but soon made a comeback as an entrepreneur. With his skills and expertise in the department, Ali Dizaei launched his Risk management firm. He has several trained top-level PIs in the organization that can help work on cold cases and gather information.

Ali Dizaei’s team of professional investigators has a vast range of expertise and comes from an array of backgrounds, including Law Enforcement, Corporate Sector & Government Agencies.

A specialist investigative team reinforces this expertise. They have full access to world-leading databases, intelligence software, and analytical tools to provide clients with solutions and practical operational support.

With international offices, including the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Africa, Ali Dizaei’s investigative firm can cater to its client’s global needs.

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Table of Contents

Ali Dizaei’s Background:

Ali Dizaei was born in Tehran, Iran. However, he soon moved to London with his family to study for an Honors Degree and master’s degree in Law in London. He joined the Metropolitan Police in 1986. It was groundbreaking at the time for an officer with his heritage to join British policing and rise swiftly through the ranks.

His undisputed skills in investigating serious crime and increasing public confidence in policing took him on a towering trajectory. He soon earned the promotion to the level of Commander at Scotland Yard. He was in charge of the West & North London Police Commands, with 52 police stations & 6000+ staff.

Ali Dizaei’s professional qualifications include being recognized as Class One Advance Driver and Trainer and Class one Advance motorcyclist and Trainer, the highest level of driving qualifications awarded to a police officer. Apart from that, he has skills of advanced pursuit driver, skilled in police pursuits and evasive actions under attack; Critical Incident/Major disaster expert; expert in managing siege operations.

His training also consists of a Hostage negotiator; Firearms Gold Commander trained to lead major firearms incidents involving serious threats to life and property. Ali’s skills also consist of an expert in anti-terrorism operation/ intelligence gathering; Gold Commander for Premier League Football matches UK; Lecturer at the police staff college; and Expert in managing covert surveillance operations.

Ali Dizaei has extensive operational experience and remarkable academic qualifications to complement it.

He commanded dozens of major incidents – shootings, terrorism operations, major critical incidents, hostage negotiations, and major public disorders. His doctorate was awarded an “outstanding contribution” to literature.

Not just that, Ali Dizaei is now also an author, having published two bestselling books. He has also published numerous articles on policing.

He won various professional awards for his performance, including mentions in Dispatches at Houses of Parliament for Excellent Policing; a Commendation by the Home Secretary of the British Government for service to the community. He has also won Prize for services to the community by the NBPA; and a Good Conduct Medal by Lord Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

After leaving Scotland Yard, Ali Dizaei launched his private intelligence & investigative agencies around the globe, employing experts people from security and military backgrounds to conduct serious investigations. Empowered by his experience and success through the years, Ali Dizaei is popularly nicknamed “the gladiator,” and his company’s motto is ”come to us when everyone else has failed”

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