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Best Travel Tips For Singapore

Best Travel Tips For Singapore

Singapore is a gem on the Asian continent. This modern country thrives on fantastic tourist attractions, fine dining, and friendly locals. It’s time to explore Singapore with the best tips to make the most of your time here.

Get an EZ-Link Card

Traveling on a budget is always a good idea. For this reason, you should get the EZ-Link Card, as it will help you save money during your time in Singapore. You may not know it, but Singapore is an expensive country. This card allows you to use the LRT and MRT. The efficiency of Singapore’s metro system will impress you.

Use The Public Transportation System

The MRT or Mass Rapid Transit system is an international traveler’s dream. The public transportation system in Singapore is out of this world and will take you anywhere. There’s no need to use other types of transportation, such as taxis, which are very expensive. It permits an economical and fast way to get around Singapore as it has a well-maintained network.

Know the Laws of the Land

Singapore is exceptional and is regarded as a Fine City, which means authorities have established strict rules for tourists and locals. If somebody doesn’t comply with them, there could be sanctions and heavy penalties. You may find some of these laws bizarre and think they aren’t true. However, you must respect them at all times. For example, you can’t sing songs with obscene lyrics.

Wear Light Clothes

Singapore is hot and humid, so you should wear comfortable and light clothing. Depending on how much you plan to walk around the city, you can wear layers. Pack light, breathable clothing before you arrive. Also, consider waterproof clothing and umbrellas; it rains monthly in Singapore.

Know Your Internet Options

In Singapore, you can access free public Wi-Fi. Use any Wireless@SF hotspot to register an international phone number. In addition, you can purchase a SIM card to connect to the Internet. In this case, you should display your passport and mobile voucher at any airport retail outlet or convenience store to get the SIM card.

Carry Spare Cents

Some services in Singapore require you to give change. For example, when shopping at street markets or getting a $1 drink. Also, if you decide to use the bus system, you will only get a ticket if you put the exact change in the money box.

Singapore eVisa

Singapore offers so many options for an incredible time. Now you can plan your trip and explore Singapore’s tourist attractions. First, check whether you need a [Singapore eVisa] according to your nationality. If you do, iVisa provides a trustworthy platform to process your application and obtain your electronic visa. Complete a simple online form and receive the travel document via email. Upon arrival, show it to immigration officers, and Singapore will be ready to welcome you. You don’t need to spend hours and hours at an embassy or consulate to get your documentation. Spend a few minutes on your laptop or phone with an Internet connection, and leave the rest to the experts.

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