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Biskoth (2020) Tamil Movie Download

Biskoth (2020) Tamil Movie Download

Biskoth (2020) Tamil Movie Download

Biskoth 2020 Indian Tamil-language parody comedy film based on the American comedy titled Bedtime Stories.

The story revolves around 3 generations where the three individuals played by Santhanam and have no relation to each other. The mysteries and correction of mistakes in the past form the story.

About The Movie

biskoth tamil movie download

Directed by: R. Kannan

Produced by: R. Kannan

Written by: R. Kannan

Starring Cast: Santhanam

Music by: Radhan

Cinematography: Shanmuga Sundaram

Edited by: RK Selva

Production companies:

  • Masala Pix
  • M.K.R.P. Productions

Distributed by: Trident Arts

Release date: 14 November 2020

Running time: 104 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil

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More About Biskoth (2020) Tamil Movie Download

biskoth tamil movie download

Due to the Coronavirus, closed theaters are now open, and the film has been released directly into theaters.

Santhanam’s father, Narain, and Anandraj start a company called Magic Biscuits. Someday his son Raja (Santhanam) will die on the field, hoping that he will become the general manager of this biscuit company.

Did Raja become GM as he expected ..? How did he deal with the problems that arise? It is the story of the film.

Santhanam plays the role of Raja. The same duplicitous speech has done better than the splash counters.

For Santhanam, whose comedy in R.Kannan films has rocked, Wavelend Pakka is setting with him. Together with Motta Rajendran, he explodes comedy with his strong alliance as Lollu Saba Manohar.

Veteran actress Chaukar Janaki is all set to become a story-telling grandmother in the coming scenes.

The childish facial expressions he shows are also admirable. Tara Alisha, as the heroine, is only going where she needs to go.

And the comedy pillars of the film are Motta Rajendran, Manohar, and Anandraj, who all lend a hand to comedy as much as possible.

It is somewhat sad that the background music and lyrics in Ratan’s music do not come to mind on a large scale.

Other technicians, such as camera, editing, and art direction, have done precisely what the story requires. The occasional dialogue punch in the comedy scenes begs for applause.

Taking the short story and spoofing the comedy from Bhagwati to 300 cotton players is admirable. The 80s part of the film is also a guarantee for comedy.

But the things that were said before in the screenplay then diminish the film’s interest when it comes to the scene. And looking at Santhanam’s pictures in the same style makes it a little dull.


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