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Bleached Hair Falling Out How to Fix – Hydrate Bleached Hair, and More

Bleached Hair Falling Out How to Fix – Hydrate Bleached Hair, and More

Bleached Hair Falling Out How to Fix

When the hair is bleached, bleached hair falling out, how to fix the color, we will explain. And the moisture so that the hair takes on a dry and brittle appearance.

How to hydrate bleached hair?

  • Hydrate your hair in-depth with this hair mask based on natural products. You will need an avocado, two tablespoons of olive oil, an egg, and a banana.
  • After mixing and grinding the food, place this paste on your hair for 10 minutes. All of these ingredients are highly hydrating and will help you repair hair damaged by bleaching.
  • What is the best mask for bleached hair?
  • To prepare this natural restorative mask, you will need olive oil, honey, and an egg. Mix the egg with two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey.
  • Afterward, apply the resulting gel on the ends of the hair for 30 minutes, once a week, and remove it with warm water.

How to repair hair damaged by bleaching?

Cuts Damaged Hair:

  • Chemicals used to bleach hair have damaged the ends and dried out the strands. In this state, the hair cannot assimilate the nutrients that are applying to it.
  • Therefore, the first step to repair the hair is to cut it. Remove at least four fingers of damaged hair so it can start nourishing itself.

Color the hair:

  • Let the hair grow for a month, and dye it your natural color based on the root color. At this time, the tips are healthy and ready to receive new chemicals.

Don’t touch up the roots:

  • Ideally, the hair is growing, and you only have to touch up the middle and ends. Use a lighter color each time you dye it so that the natural color prevails.
  • When you want to recover a darker hair tone, the red, orange, and golden reflections of the previous dye reappear, so they must be corrected and neutralized.
  • When applying a darker dye, greenish nuances appear that only disappear with the application of another dye or after going to a professional hairdresser to recover the color.
  • Use semi-permanent dyes because they gradually disappear with washes and help to eliminate multiple colorations until a uniform color is achieving.

Cut hair every two months:

  • The extra you cut your hair, the faster it will grow and the faster the artificial color will fade from the middle and ends.

Natural remedies for damaged and burned hair

  • Repairing damaged and burned hair has never been more manageable.
  • To prepare a regenerating mask, you will need two tablespoons of olive oil, half a glass of beer, and yellow mustard (or mayonnaise). Here mix the ingredients and apply the resulting gel from medium to ends.
  • Let the mask act for between twenty and thirty minutes, and then remove it with plenty of warm water. You should apply it twice a week.
  • For this other nourishing mask, you will need aloe vera gel, beer, and olive oil. Crush the aloe vera gel very well, and add three tablespoons of beer and two or three tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Mix the ingredients and apply on the hair from medium to ends every fifteen days, leaving it to act for thirty minutes. Remove with plenty of warm water.

Care of bleached hair

  • Please do not wash your hair with hot water, do not use a dryer, and do not straighten it with an iron.
  • Choose special shampoos and masks for damaged hair. Enhance a few drops of lemon juice to the shampoo to deeply hydrate it.
  • The product nano keratin is beneficial for hair damaged but chooses those that can be applying after showering and do not require rinsing.

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