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“If I only had a brain.”-The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz

That’s how we feel sometimes. From an overflow of information to a lack of coherent thoughts, most of us go through the same self-doubt that made the scarecrow travel over poppy fields and out of troublesome forests to find the elusive brain that makes all things happen.

If only the scarecrow had access to a new app that has changed the way that we process information and generate coherent thoughts.

The revolutionary app is called Braincat.

Overview of Braincat

Designed to eliminate the mental hurdles that can inhibit the brainstorming process, Braincat takes mind mapping and mental collaborative projects to the next level of effectiveness. Users are describing Braincat as a tool that enhances planning and organizational skills, while training us to think differently. As a matter of fact, “Think Better” is their slogan.

“From chaos to clarity” is another way the founder describes Braincat. It is much more than note taking software. It combines brainstorming and idea generation with organizing notes and collaborative output. The concept is that it allows you to make sense of a huge amount of information and then take action because of how the app organizes the myriad thoughts running through your brain.

As productivity software, it proves to be useful for professionals from a wide variety of specialties. Writers, project organizers, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and designers all have found use for Braincat in their work.

An Unsurpassed Collaborative Tool

Are you in charge of organizing a complex project? Do you teach a class at a university? Are you responsible for managing a department at a large company? Do you have a presentation to give to the shareholders? Braincat’s method claims to help these benefits, and does in fact deliver:

  • Fosters sound business decisions
  • Encourages the sharing of ideas in a collaborative environment
  • Improves productivity by saving time
  • Eliminates frustrating mental blocks
  • Heightens the creative process

Some users even say they now look forward to resolving complex problems.

Braincat: 5 Steps for Mental Clarity

Braincat takes you through a five-step process that guides you towards the resolution of a project or problem from start to finish.


This is the brainstorming part of the tool. The app is designed to get you to think about a project or a problem in the most creative way. Thought-provoking prompts are provided across a myriad of categorizing to help spark your brain to produce notes beyond your existing ideas. You can use the prompts to discover new approaches to solving difficult problems, skipping over any of the prompts quickly that don’t apply to your project. You have the option to skip the discovery step and move on to input.


The input of ideas and notes into Braincat is available in many formats: typing in manually, answering the prompts, or uploading notes you’ve taken previously. Uploads can be in CSV or Word docs. One tip is to start with this input stage by freely entering every thought, idea, question in a stream of consciousness fashion. You do not have to decide whether your thoughts make sense at this point; simply type what you think and move on to making sense of them. It is difficult to brainstorm if the brain is full of unnecessary mental clutter. This brain sweep removes the often distracting irrelevant information that impedes the progress of a work or personal project.

Organizing Thoughts

Every thought written down now goes under the mental microscope to see if the thought makes sense, or where the thought makes sense. You assign each thought to a category and when you finish this step, you should be able to notice thoughts that fit a pattern that interacts seamlessly with each other. The categories may be steps of your project, chapters of your novel, or may be filed into bigger overarching themes.  There’s something about visually seeing your ideas that truly brings clarity to chaos.  Some points are duplicated, eliminated. Some ideas may highlight that there are actually two projects or two essays that should be tackled instead of one. This is the a-ha moment.

Develop a Logical Sequence

With your concepts now put into different categories, you can determine the order of the thoughts that lead to the completion of a project or the resolution of a complex problem. This step allows you to analyze the thoughts that matter and the thoughts that bog down the process. Now that you have identified your big chunks, sorting them into a useful order is simple.

Output in Useful Formats

After processing the information that passes through your brain, the Braincat app generates different outcomes that allow you to make changes, as well as rearrange the order of the sequence you have developed for completing a work project. The output options available are a visual mind map, an outline with categories, in CSV or Word formats as well as other software integrations.

Versatile App to Organize Your Ideas

One of the most challenging aspects of the tool is identifying exactly who it is made for. Everyone, including the scarecrow, benefits from decluttering the thought process to tackle a complicated project or solve a difficult issue. Certainly, writers of all types need to organize ideas into eBooks, essays, articles, sermons, and blog posts. But beyond writing, the app has a seemingly endless array of possibilities.

  • Designing the workflow for a product’s development
  • Planning a formal presentation
  • Making a long-term business decision
  • Developing a strategy for a company project
  • Designing and developing a website
  • Launching a startup
  • Organizing your day planner for the upcoming week
  • Planning a family vacation
  • Educators mapping out a curriculum for the semester

Perhaps the most important benefit of the app is that you can use it for both personal and professional purposes.

The Bottom Line

The scarecrow went through a lot of trouble to find something that he already had. He had a brain, but he did not know how to use it.

Braincat in practice is not about what unfolds within the app. It is about what unfolds in your head. Working through the five steps through the software ends up being a huge time saver and alleviates overwhelm. Sometimes, we just need a little mental nudge to push us forward on the Yellow Brick Road.


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