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Caption Formatting in Instagram: Everything That You Should Know

Caption Formatting in Instagram: Everything That You Should Know

While Instagram remains a crucial medium for influencers and marketers, it is becoming increasingly crowded, making it more difficult to stand out. It’s no longer enough to have amazing photographs; you also need to structure your captions and use line breaks to guarantee that each post appears great. It can be difficult to come up with effective Instagram captions.

There’s one thing that a lot of people want to be able to accomplish on Instagram, but it appears to be a tricky trick that only a few people are aware of. And that is the ability to add spacing, symbols, and line breaks to Instagram captions to make them look more appealing. We’ve put together this guide with all of our best recommendations to help you get started and make Instagram captions that are as good as your photographs.

Why Should Your Instagram Captions Be Formatted?


As Instagram is primarily a visual platform, a huge piece of improperly formatted text is unappealing. Line breaks (and skipping lines) in Instagram captions make them easier to read and more enticing to scrolling followers. An excellent Instagram caption can halt a scroller, and the longer time someone spends seeing and connecting with your post, the better it will rate in the Instagram algorithm.

When it comes to Instagram, no matter how hard you try to outsmart the platform’s latest algorithm, one key measure remains constant: the more engagement you have, the well off you and your brand are. Furthermore, captions provide a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your interaction with your audience.

Caption Formatting on Instagram

Caption Formatting on Instagram

Let’s get started! In this article, we’ll look at how to arrange your Instagram captions for both online and mobile to guarantee they pop up from the crowd.

Adding Line Break

On a mobile device, how do you add line breaks?

Because Instagram’s mobile app is its bread and butter, it’s understandable that most users are primarily interested in the formatting options available on their phones. The good news is that you can modify and format captions from your phone or tablet; it simply takes a little more effort than it would on a computer.

You have two choices:

  • Use symbols or emojis to express yourself

Using symbols or emojis to make line breaks is a fun and easy way to do it. Simply type your photo’s description and use periods, dashes, emojis, and other symbols to create visible line breaks in the text.

  • Magical brackets can be added and removed

If you want to completely skip lines without leaving a trace, you’ll need to use brackets and a lot of spaces. To begin, write your caption and then copy/paste brackets with gaps between them, like this [, in the areas whenever you require line breaks. Your line breaks still should be formed by the spaces if you eliminate the bracket symbols.

How can You add line breaks to a desktop document?

Let’s face it, as good as we are at typing on our phones, typing on a keyboard is still much faster, especially if we constantly change our minds about what to say. If you prefer to create Instagram captions on your computer, you have a couple of options.

  • Apps for taking notes, such as Notes or other note-taking apps

Notes (if you have an iPhone) or any note-taking program like Evernote that syncs with your devices is the easiest method to make Instagram captions with line breaks from your PC.

The advantage of utilizing an app like this is the syncing capability: whatever you enter on your computer is instantly available on your phone, allowing you to produce beautiful captions in a fraction of the time it would take you on your phone.

To begin, open the Notes app and compose your Instagram caption precisely as you want it to appear. Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces before line breaks and that line breaks are created promptly after punctuation to guarantee good-looking captions. Once your Notes app has been modified on your phone, copy and paste the description into Instagram, then check that everything looks good.

  • Make Instagram believe you’re on your phone

By changing your user agent, you may make your computer act as though you’re on a mobile device. You may do this manually, but if this isn’t something you’re used to, we recommend utilizing a browser add-on such as User-Agent Switcher.

You can also fool Instagram into thinking you’re on a mobile device by utilizing an emulator that mimics the functions of a smartphone. Please note that this method is more appropriate for application developers than for regular users, but if you’re interested, you may try iOS Simulator for iPhone, Android Studio, or BlueStacks for Android.

Adding Line Spacing on Android

Adding Line Spacing on Android

To create distance between lines on Android, simply press the “return” key and slide down a line or two. Between paragraphs, two will leave a line space. It’s worth noting, though, that the return key must be used immediately after the last letter, symbol, or character in the paragraph.

You won’t get the drop-down effect with the return key if you add a space after the last character and then hit the return key. This is how simple it is for Android users to create spacing.

Adding Line Spacing on iOS

It’s a little more difficult for iOS users to add the space. To be truthful, the most expedient way to have very well-formatted Instagram captions is to type them in a Note (or another app or tool) and afterward format them. Then copy the description and paste it into the Instagram upload stage, then open Instagram and follow the steps to upload it. This will preserve your formatting.

If you want to insert a line break, you must press the “return” key FIVE times after the end of the paragraph or line. It’s unclear why this is the magical number, but it’s worth a shot.

You can also update your caption after you’ve posted your Instagram post or videos if you want to. Select “Edit” from the three-dot menu by clicking the three-dot button. You may edit your caption by correcting errors and adding or removing content. With this edit feature, you may also try to clear up concealed spaces or add more spacing.

While formatting captions can have a positive impact on your post and video views, there is no harm in checking out services like Megafamous for some instant views.



Following the advice above, your captions will begin to look more professional almost immediately. Emojis can be used as line breaks for a more humorous brand, while a more serious brand may choose to forgo lines entirely for a cleaner design. Experiment with what seems most true to your brand.

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