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Cloud Computing Write for Us

Cloud Computing Write for Us

Cloud Computing Write for Us – Cloud Computing is an information technology that allows you to take advantage of the  internet to remotely distribute software and hardware resources. The Cloud Computing service is offered by specific companies defined as Cloud Providers, which deal with the allocation of resources and, upon request, also with the complete management of the service.

Cloud Computing providers   make available to companies, via subscription, a series of IT resources including servers, databases, archiving storage, software, business intelligence, applications. The term Cloud Computing encompasses various IT resource delivery models and services.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are different ways of distributing Cloud resources, called  Public Cloud ,  Hybrid Cloud  and  Private Cloud.

Public Cloud

With the Public Cloud, the resources provided belong to the provider, which makes virtual machines, storage and applications available to companies and manages the system. In this way, IT resources are shared by all users.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud combines the two previous methods through specific technologies that support the provision of resources in both Private and Public Cloud modes.

Private Cloud

On the contrary, the private cloud provides a pool of resources dedicated to the single company that has exclusive access to the infrastructural system. This solution guarantees greater privacy as the network is not shared with other realities

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing services are divided into three main models: PaaS, IaaS and Saas.


PaaS (Platform as a Service), provide businesses with an ideal Cloud platform for developing, testing, distributing and managing software applications. Thanks to the PaaS service, these operations can be carried out quickly and easily.


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a basic Cloud Computing model. The provider, through the internet, provides the customer with the entire IT infrastructure, including virtual servers, storage space, networks and operating systems, using a pay-as-you-go model (also called “pay-per-use”).


SaaS (Software sa Service) is a software distribution model via the web. With SaaS, the software is delivered to the customer “turnkey”, allowing easy use and eliminating the problems of managing infrastructure resources.

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