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How To Dermaplane? – Extra Smooth Skin, Dermaplane At Home, and More

How To Dermaplane? – Extra Smooth Skin, Dermaplane At Home, and More


Have you ever seen someone use a tiny, disposable razor-looking device to shave their face? If so, you’ve seen someone dermaplane.

In its most basic form, the beauty practice uses a razor or other sharp surface to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face.

How To Dermaplane At Home For Extra Smooth Skin, According To Experts?

Why would you need to shave your face, however? The practice has some perks, the most common being its exfoliating benefits that slough dead skin cells off your complexion.

  • Even exfoliation allows for your skin cells to reproduce more quickly, which serving with collagen production. As well as supplementary in lessening hyperpigmentation and sun damage,” she tells Bustle.
  • Since of this, dermaplaning allows for products to penetrate deeper both at home and in-office, so your at-home products work even better.”
  • Fair note that dermaplaning at home isn’t going to give you the same results as professional treatments.

How To Dermaplane At Home?

1. Disposable Razors

  • Here are two different ways to dermaplane from home: You can either use a disposable razor (the kind used for eyebrow grooming) or a dermaplaning device.
  • The experts recommend both methods. Worden says using a razor-like Tinkle Razor — gives you more control of the blade.
  • They’re disposable, not classy, and you can use one or two for the entire face.
  • Here for a non-disposable choice that’ll last longer, try something like Stacked Skincare’s Dermaplaning Tool. Either you go with, make sure you have enough light to see your skin before you begin.
  • Then follow these ladders, courtesy of Worden, below:
  • Here double cleanse to make sure all makeup, dirt, and oil are removing from your face.
  • However, hold your razor at a 45-degree angle with your dominant hand and keep your skin tight to prevent cuts.
  • And also, hold the blade close to your skin to have better control.
  • Jump with one side of your face at the jaw and work your way up to the cheek and forehead using short strokes.
  • Mildly glide the razor back and forth and make sure to wipe the blade after a few passes (Worden switches to a new razor as the blade dulls.
  • Since these aren’t as sharp as in-office tools, you may need more than one).

2. Hollywood Smoother Professional Sonic Dermaplaning Tool

  1. You might also turn to a more high-tech tool like the Dermaflash or Hollywood Smoother’s device.
  2. Here king tells Bustle that these are safe for at-home use, and some even have built-in safety features to avoid cuts and nicks (which are more likely with traditional razors, she says):
  3. Jump with clean, dry skin , King recommends using a non-irritating cleanser containing active ingredients like chemical exfoliants or benzoyl peroxide. However, these combined with dermaplaning can lead to irritation.
  4. Here start with a new blade and be sure not to use it on areas where the skin is broken, irritated, or has an infection, says King, as dermaplaning can rub it.
  5. And also, carefully use short strokes as you hold your skin taut and only go over an area once.
  6. Here be sure to avoid the eyelids, lips, and any area you don’t want to lose hair.
  7. However, as for in what way should you often dermaplane? Activity experts said no more than once every week or two if you do so at home.

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