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Destiny 2 Next Expansion – Game Improvements, Next Expansion Until 2022, and More

Destiny 2 Next Expansion – Game Improvements, Next Expansion Until 2022, and More

Destiny 2 Next Expansion

Destiny 2 next expansion the US studio Bungie described The Witch Kingdom as “a major evolution in the history of Destiny 2.”

The Destiny 2 delays its next expansion until 2022

  • February 26, 2021, 5:21 PM | With information from DPA 15 minutes.
  • The video game studio Bungie, responsible for the massively multiplayer video game Destiny 2, delayed the next major expansion.
  • It prepares for this game, The Witch Queen, which is planned to launch this year but will not arrive until early 2022.
  • The US study described The Witch Kingdom as “a significant evolution in the Destiny 2 story.
  • ” They explained that it would involve the “integration of a narrative continuum that encompasses Eclipse and everything that will come after,” as Bungie claimed.
  • The annual The Witch Queen expansion was announced in the summer of 2020.
  • Bungie then reported that it planned to arrive in Destiny 2 in 2021, before the arrival of another annual growth in 2022 tentatively called Lightfall.
  • However, the studio was forced to delay its plans for the arrival of The Witch Queen, which will be released in early 2022.

Game improvements for this year

  • According to Bungie, this annual expansion will include new features like characters, storylines, good guys.
  • And bad guys that will carry over into “multiple seasons and expansions,” Bungie.
  • Its outcome will also mean “the endpoint to the ‘Light and Dark saga,’ a dichotomy that began years ago with the launch of Destiny 1.
  • Despite the delay of The Witch Queen, Bungie promised to bring users other improvements in this year, 2021.
  • He also promised to renew weapons and armor. And “polish” the concept of PvP (player versus player) to balance the game.
  • And a new reward system that will increase the power cap by 10 points. For seasons that do not come with an expansion. New.
  • Other promises for 2021 were implementing transmutation through the ‘armor synthesis’ process and adding the cross-play function.
  • Which will arrive in season 15 of the game. And allow playing with people who use different platforms, unifying PC and console.

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