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Divers Institute Of Technology

Divers Institute Of Technology

Divers Institute Of Technology

Divers Institute of Technology is a private for-profit educational institution for the training of commercial divers and is located in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1968 in Seattle, Washington, the Divers Institute of Technology is located at the north end of Lake Union near Gas Works Park in the Wallingford district.

The seven-month program includes 900 hours, including immersion time. There are twelve courses per calendar year, with a new course beginning each month. From July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. The average number of students per class was 23, with a retention rate of 90%. It is estimate that 10% of the students are women

Divers Institute is one of only two diving schools in the United States that grants students unrestricted outdoor diving certification from the Canadian Standards Association, issued by the Diver Certification Board of Canada, which allows students to graduate students diving abroad.

Divers Institute Of Technology

Divers Institute Of Technology Was Founded In 1968

The Divers Institute of Technology was founded in 1968 by John Manlove of the United States Navy (retired) and Leiter Hockett, a local shipbuilder and subsea construction contractor. The school was located at Barge # 41 on the Lake Union Canal. The program initially consisted of 14 weeks of training, increasing to 16 weeks in 1975. Its objective was “to ensure that all apprentice divers have the essential and essential skills necessary to compete in the commercial diving industry, whether in the domestic or domestic sector. in high sea.

The 1970s and 1980s saw a growing need to repair America’s interior infrastructure, such as bridges, dams, power plants, and port facilities. In response to this industry demand and changing technologies, Divers Institute has expanded its program to incorporate the unique requirements of the indoor diving community. Topics such as non-destructive testing and hazardous materials handling were incorporate, welding and cutting programs were expanded, and new hydraulic tool training technology was added.

Divers Institute Of Technology

How do i get into divers institute of technology?

All applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • 18 years of age or older upon graduation of program.
  • High school diploma, transcript or GED.
  • Proficient in English speaking, reading and writing.
  • ADCI dive physical.
  • Ability to swim 400 meters unassisted.
  • Ability to obtain a TWIC card.
  • Completed application.

In June 1985, Barge 41 sank. Instructors and students led the recovery effort to recover equipment and records, while the school continued to operate full time. Divers Institute moved ashore along the Lake Union Sea Canal in 1990. Where it began training according to the current seven-month schedule.

How much does commercial divers make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, commercial divers and underwater welders have a mean (average) hourly wage of $26.32. While the mean annual wage is approximately $54,750. Additionally, the top percentile (90%) can make approximately $93,910 or more.

How long is divers institute of technology?

Founded in 1968 in Seattle, Washington. Divers Institute of Technology is located on the North end of Lake Union near Gas Works Park in the Wallingford district. The seven-month program consists of 900 hours, including dive time.

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