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Best DSLR microphone for video

Best DSLR microphone for video

If the DSLR microphone doesn’t work for you, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the quality of camera microphones often does not match their high-quality video recording. For this reason, many content producers, YouTubers, and filmmakers use an external microphone with their DSLRs. This means they can get the most out of both worlds without compromising their camera’s excellent sound quality.

Choosing the right DSLR microphone can seem like a daunting choice. This article will assist you in orienting yourself in different classes, technical language, and opinions to find the best DSLR microphone for your setup.

What is a DSLR microphone?

What is a DSLR microphone?

A DSLR microphone is an internal microphone in a DSLR camera. This is what your DSLR will automatically use to record audio whenever you take a video.

Does DSLR have a microphone?

Yes, all DSLRs have a built-in microphone. However, it doesn’t mean that it is the best quality mic, so we’d recommend investing in an external mic if you have the capacity.

How to turn on my DSLR microphone?

The exact mechanics of this will vary from camera model to model. However, usually speaking, your DSLR mic will turn on automatically when you start shooting the video.

Why do I need an external microphone for my DSLR?

You may be wondering why you should invest extra when your DSLR is already equipped with an integrated DSLR microphone. It is never necessary to use an external microphone, but it is recommended because it can improve the quality of your audio recording.

Different types of external microphones for DSLR

Before we look at the best DSLR microphone, we need to understand the three main types of external microphones. There is no better type because it all depends on your specific needs and wishes:

How to choose a DSLR microphone


Firstly, you need to decide how much you can and are willing to spend on your DSLR microphone. This will help you find options.

Type and Style of Assembly

Second, you need to know the type of microphone that best suits your setup and movie stream. For example, if you like to record interviews, a lav mic is probably suitable.

When choosing a microphone for the camera, keep in mind that your ideal microphone may not be compatible with your DSLR. Check what type of connection or microphone input is compatible with your DSLR. Most microphones connect to 1/8 “(3.5 mm) jacks.

Size and Weight

However, it would help if you considered the convenience of wearing an external microphone. You don’t want too much equipment if you’re filming on-site or on blogs on the go. Find a lightweight and compact microphone that will captivate you. Equally, carefully consider the quality and power of the selected microphone. If you are a frequent traveller, you probably won’t want a more dangerous video microphone.

Battery life

Battery life is also an essential factor when choosing a DSLR microphone. You don’t want your microphone to die in the middle of the recording. So if you’re going to take long photos of power sources, look for a DSLR microphone with impressive battery life and fast charging options.

Condenser or Dynamic?

The difference between condenser and dynamic microphones comes from two things: their sensitivity and power requirements.

Condenser microphones are more suitable for capturing dangerous high-frequency sounds – especially in the studio. The condenser microphone is usually not very strong and durable and requires a power source.

Dynamic microphones record sound and sound and are ideal for environments with high background noise. Dynamic microphones do not require a power source to operate.

Best 5 DSLR Microphones

1. The Movo VXR10

The Movo VXR10

Starting with a low-priced microphone, we have a Movo VXR10.

This microphone has many functional accessories, such as a shock holder, a deadcat windshield, etc.

However, it is not just a cheaper quality microphone that breaks after the second use …

It’s excellent and crazy value for the price.

With literally thousands of positive reviews praising the design and sound quality …

Presently, there is no better alternative to The Movo VXR10 for under $ 40.

Here you can buy from the below websites:

Click here to compare prices: Amazon, B&H

2. Rode VideoMicro

Rode VideoMicro

What if I told you that Rode made the hottest microphone for amateur Youtubers and filmmakers who didn’t know the first thing about sound engineering?

Many people seem to agree with this statement when it comes to Red VideoMicro.

Here’s why:

It’s very easy to use – there are no buttons, plug it in, and you can start recording and recording.

It’s very compact – seriously, it’s small

Very cheap

It doesn’t need batteries – your camera powers it, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it on or off.

So if you’re running your YouTube channel or looking for a good game without making money.

There are no buttons – which means you have no control over how the sound is picked up, and, However, if your camera doesn’t have a good preamplifier, your signal may lack power.

Not even powered – that means it’s not super dynamic and doesn’t pick up sounds when it’s a little far away.

The most high-quality noob-friendly shotgun microphone.

Here you can buy from the below websites:

Click here to compare prices: Amazon, B&H, Thomann

3. Deity D3 Pro

Deity D3 Pro

Like me, you’ve probably never heard of this company.

And that’s not surprising since the brand launched its first microphone in 2018.

They were part of Aputure, a manufacturer of cinema equipment, until their spin-off.

But beware, because many consider it to be a direct competitor of VideoMic Pro +, which we have just mentioned.

And for most, even a clear winner.

Then they (very) quickly made a name for several reasons, the most important of which are:

“Continuous Win Button” – Maybe not so much, but having a win volume button instead of switches means that no sudden sounds are heard during recording, and you can smoothly adjust your winnings even when shooting.

51 hours of battery life – compared to the 30 hours you get with Red microphones.

Crazy amount many users consider the brand to be the same that fills the gap between cheap and nasty microphones and professional, expensive microphones.

And the fact is that many professionals use Deity microphones as a backup for more expensive, professional microphones.

Here you can buy from the below websites:

Click here to compare prices: –  Amazon, B&H

4. Rode VideoMic NTG

Rode VideoMic NTG

The Rode VideoMic NTG is similar to the Rode VideoMic Pro we saw earlier.

With more details:

Aluminium construction – which lasts longer than VideoMic Pro +

Pad minus 20dB – compared to -10db pad

Variable win button – allows you to set the win anywhere from 0 to +15, while the VideoMic Pro + control offers only three positions, among which there is none.

Real USB microphone – You can use VideoMic NTG as an entire USB microphone for computer recording.

What’s more, NTG is cheaper than VideoMic Pro +.

Here you can buy from the below websites:

Click here to compare prices: – Amazon, B&H

5. Rode VideoMic Pro+

Rode VideoMic Pro+

VideoMic Pro + dramatically enhances the game by offering more user control:

Advanced hanging bracket – this completely separates the microphone from the sound control

2 levels of high-pass filters – so you can reduce ambient noise, for example

Auto on/off function – the microphone will turn on / off automatically when the camera is turned on and off

3 ways to control the microphone – you can use it with AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or USB.

Detachable and lockable cable – this means you can replace a damaged line without repairing the microphone or installing a shorter cable if you need to.

Here you can buy from the below websites:

Click now to compare prices: Amazon, B&H

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