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Electric Hummer – Electric Hummer EV, An Iconic 4×4, High Power, and More

Electric Hummer

The most ‘gross’ 4×4 is already electric Hummer EV confirms goodbye to gasoline.

General Motors just introduced the Hummer EV. It is the first electric SUV from this iconic builder in America. One more example that the automotive industry will only develop zero-emission vehicles.

Hummer, an iconic 4×4

  • The Hummer is an icon in the automotive industry. It was around 1992 when Hummer. A brand owned by General Motors launched the most radical and purest 4×4 in the automotive industry.
  • It was a model derived from a military vehicle, the Humvee. They were times of excesses, in size, in 4×4 capacity, in engines.
  • Now almost three decades later, General Motors presents the new Hummer, a 100% electric car.
  • It comes a decade later
  • This new Hummer EV comes a decade after the conventional combustion Hummer. The first of the ’90s was the H1.
  • And after him, the H2 and the H3 arrived… However, the crisis stages and the image of being a non-ecological vehicle brought Hummer to an end.
  • At that time, in 2009, General Motors tried to sell Hummer to a Chinese company, although the operation did not end up being forged.
  • A year later, in 2010, another company (MEV) acquired the brand’s license in 2010.

A pure and electric 4×4

  • Now, a decade later, General Motors has just unveiled what will be the next Hummer.
  • And how could it be? Otherwise, yes, it will be a 100% electric car.
    One more example that the automotive industry has made a total turn towards the zero-emission car.
  • If the United States and General Motors, two automobile icons, bet on electric cars, this means that there is no going back.
  • We review in this gallery what the new 100% electric Hummer is like.

How is this new Hummer EV?

Fine, the first thing to save in mind is that it is a purely electric 4×4. Of course, there is still enough to see it since General Motors has announced that its production will begin in early 2023.

Hence, its availability (it will be necessary to see if it is finally imported to Spain) is available between 2023 and 2024. Once again, it is clear what happens with many of the launches of electric.

And this is not another matter that its presentation is made much earlier so that the orders begin to work. Thus the manufacturer can adjust its production to the existing demand.

Two types of bodywork: 4×4 and 4×4 pick-up

  • It is another exciting novelty that this new Hummer has. And it is available in two types of bodies.
  • A conventional, 4×4 kind and another that maintains the characteristics of an off-road vehicle. However, it has an open box at the rear, which is known as a pick-up.
  • This possibility of having two variants is because it can have ceiling panels removed and put on.


  • In relation to the price, General Motors has revealed how much it will cost in the United States.
  • And this price starts at $ 79,995 (which at the current rate is about 68,000 euros).
  • This price corresponds to the version of access to the range. The most expensive variant is priced at $ 110,595 (about 93,200 euros at the current exchange rate).

High power

  • It is perhaps one of the most striking aspects of this model. We talk about its high potency.
  • Among other things because the version of access to the range begins with the 625 CV of its electric motor.
  • And it reaches up to 830 CV. Therefore, once again, Hummer leaves us ‘open-mouthed’ with the enormous power of the Hummer.

Up to three engines

  • This extremely high power is since this Hummer EV can equip up to three electric motors in the most potent version (the 830 hp variant).
  • The performance of access to the range with no less than 625 CV has two electric motors.

Brutal acceleration

  • It is also another critical aspect of this model. And it is none other than its great acceleration.
  • The most potent version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, a meager figure considering the type of vehicle it is its size, weight, and batteries.
  • Regarding the interior, we are left with a giant touch screen for information and entertainment. This center screen has a size of 13.4 inches. Added to this is a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel.


  • The General Motors automotive group has presented the Hummer EV, it’s first electric SUV with three engines that develop up to 842 horsepower and offer a ‘zero emissions’ range of more than 480 kilometers.
  • “The body of the Hummer protects the battery, while the battery supports the structure. That means that the battery pack itself is a structural element,” say those responsible.

Power to each of the wheels

  • According to General Motors, the system allows sending all the available power to the wheels individually, allowing this model to continue to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

Fast charge

  • In terms of loads, this Hummer has 400-volt and 800-volt technology. The latter allows speedy loads in the direct current of up to 300 kW.
  • Although we still do not know the battery details, General Motors has anticipated that it is 20-cell batteries, which can be stacked on top of each other.
  • In addition, it also supports battery power charging, external devices. Specifically, the car can offer a power of up to 6 kW.

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