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Famoid vs. Growthoid – How to Reach Users on Instagram

Famoid vs. Growthoid – How to Reach Users on Instagram

If you want to promote your business on social media, Instagram is the best place to do it. However, if you want to promote your business more efficiently, you need to reach more potential users.

While the most obvious and attractive ways to increase your IG follower count is to create original content and let your account grow organically, it’s also one of the slowest methods. This is why many IG users are looking to different growth services, such as buying Instagram followers and using paid advertising to immediately increase their reach.

In this article, we will compare Famoid with Growthoid. But, first, let’s take a look at the importance of increasing your reach on Instagram.

Advantages of Better Reach on Instagram

If someone sees your account and has less than a hundred followers, how likely would they be to visit your brand? Yes, the chances are slim. People are not likely to trust the less renowned brand. Similarly, if you don’t have a good follower base, new visitors will not give your account a follow.

So, we know the problems, how to fix them? The best way is to increase your reach to show your account to potential followers.

Better reach ensures an increase in followers, and you will also get better sales. The easiest way to increase your reach is organically, but it takes a lot of time. Another way is to use Instagram ads, but they are very expensive, which brings us to our topic: third-party services to increase your reach.

Famoid and Growthoid for Reaching more Users on Instagram

To achieve more followers and better reach, the 2 most trustworthy services are Famoid and Growthoid.

Famoid has a different marketing strategy than Growthoid. Both services are good to improve your reach but let’s see which one best suits you.

Famoid’s marketing is solely based on improving follower numbers across different social media platforms. Growthoid claims to improve your followers and reach organically.

Organic Reach, is it Possible?

Growthoid’s marketing scheme revolves around getting people, organic followers. However, it is controversial and a gray area. In our experience, organic growth takes years sometimes. Instagram’s algorithm is very lazy in promoting new and struggling accounts. We can’t blame Instagram since they have to verify an account before suggesting it to others. Thus, the websites which claim to increase your organic growth are doing the same thing as others, but they are not transparent to their customers.

Famoid doesn’t claim to improve your reach by organic methods. Famoid is straightforward about selling followers to new accounts. New followers can get your reach to improve. Instagram ranks an account by the influx, views, and engagement on your posts. Famoid sells services for each of these tasks at a reasonable price. With the help of Famoid’s services, your account will grow organically.

Free Trial

Famoid has a free trial service for every user. If you don’t trust Famoid, then it is ok; check it out for yourself. Famoid offers free followers/likes/comments for every new user. This will ensure that you will not spend money on a scam, and you will get what you are paying for. The number of free followers and likes is very low, but it is free. If you are satisfied with their service, you can pay for the package you want.

Growthoid is offering a discount of 20% on their services which is a good deal. However, there is no free stuff for you to check out.


When it comes to pricing, Growthoid runs you out of options. There are only two packages to choose from. The standard package starts at 99 USD, and the premium package is 149 USD. For a new user, these prices are very high for their services. It is also hard to trust a third-party service for the first time.

Famoid offers free followers, likes, and comments. The basic Famoid package starts from only 3.95 USD. With a small investment in your account like that, it makes more sense for small businesses and struggling influencers on social media.


Reach is a crucial matter for Instagram accounts. Especially if you own a small business, you would want to increase your reach. Famoid has very affordable services for new users, which will help you increase your reach in a few days or weeks. Growthroid claims to improve your organic reach, which is a far-fetched idea and doesn’t make your account self-sufficient.

Whether its through free content creation or paid advertising, growing your brand on social media is one of the best ways to get the job done. To learn more about this process, while also seeing examples of how this is being done by top brands and businesses, check out the latest articles being featured on New expert interviews and content is being added all the time, while also making sure all previous articles are updated with relevant information and resources.

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