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Farm Technology Days 2021

Farm Technology Days 2021

Farm Technology Days 2021

Farm Technology Days 2021: Huntsinger Farms Welcomed more than 52,000 people through the gates of the 2021 Farm Technology Days of this week, the figure higher than expected.

A press release said the numbers of “shattered attendance of projections” created priceless economic boosts for this Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley areas. More than 18,000 people attended the first day and the first day, and 1,532 volunteers helped run this entire event. There were are 520 exhibitors from 26 states.

“We built it, and they came,” said Mike Gentner, chairman of the program’s Eau Claire County executive committee. “They are still counting all the numbers, but the first reports exceeded our aggressive expectations. We are very grateful for the tremendous support of our attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, and sponsors; this show will have a massive impact on Eau Claire County and the Great Chippewa Valley for years to come.

Farm Technology Days 2021

ABOUT WISCONSIN Farm Technology Days 2021

The Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is a three-day outdoor event showcasing the latest developments in production agriculture, including practical applications and recent actions in research and technology. It is the only agricultural fair of its size in the United States that is fully organic and run by volunteers. As these most significant outdoor agricultural events in the state, it hosts more than 45,000 attendees, with more than 600 commercial and educational vendors.

The first WFTD show was named Farm Progress Days in Waupaca County in 1954. Eau Claire County hosted Farm Progress Days in 1992 and was chosen to host the 67th annual event in 2021.

Over 10,000 “Big Rygg” sandwiches, a combination of hamburger, pulled pork, chicken, cheese, and horseradish named after the host family. were also eaten over the three days. Vendor Jason Meyer said the food stores sold more than 2,000 pounds of pulled pork, 14,000 hamburgers, 15,000 hot dogs, and 15,000 children.

Farm Technology Days 2021

About Agriculture

Agriculture works hard for Eau Claire County every day. Family farms, food processors, and agriculture-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity while contributing to local and tax revenues. Although dominated by the dairy industry. Eau Claire County raises a wide variety, including meat goats, dairy sheep, apples, grapes, and vegetables. The county has seen the number of farms increase. While the farm area has shrunk to an average size of 155 acres. Migration between the city and the rural regions resulted in smaller farms that produced various products. A diverse population has created opportunities to fill ethnic and specialty food niches. Meanwhile, county institutions and farmers have come together to make fresh. Healthy produce to meet the growing demand for local food.

As an EEO / AA employer, the University of Wisconsin Extension Cooperative Extension offers equal employment and programming opportunities. Including Title IX and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements.

“Clark County offers the traditional feel of agriculture. But it has adapted to many of the new technologies available in agriculture. Said Richard Halopka, Clark County Soil and Crop Extension Officer. We are delight to present the show with our theme. Where tradition and technology meet.

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