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Firewall Write for us

Firewall Write For Us

Firewall Write for us – A firewall is a system that controls unauthorized outgoing and incoming traffic on a LAN network. LAN networks (Local Access Network) are those that we have at home, counting from the router to the different devices that we may have connected to it, both by cable and by WiFi. The term firewall, or firewall, refers to a computer security system that prevents unauthorized access to our LAN , that is, from the outside (WAN). In this way, the firewall does just that by placing a virtual “wall” to connections that are not authorized to send traffic to our LAN.

WAN networks (Wide Area Network) have their end in the router that we have at home, from the router inwards everything is LAN, which is what the firewall protects. All routers come with a firewall activated and preconfigured by the ISP (internet provider), although we can manipulate it to enable external connections . This is done by opening ports, or by using a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), which allows the flow of traffic between the devices on the LAN and those on the DMZ and the WAN. By default, the router’s firewall blocks all unwanted traffic and acts as a good firewall.

In Windows, or in any other operating system, we can find firewalls installed as standard, immovable. This is done so that each device has additional protection, so it is highly recommend to have it activate for both public and private networks . Exceptions can be add to suit the consumer from the OS’s own firewall , but it is recommend to have prior knowledge of what is being manipulate, as it can lead to contracting computer viruses.

What is a firewall for?

A firewall serves to block unauthorized traffic to our LAN network . It is 100% effective for restricted traffic but it does not cover any type of computer attack , far from it, but it is a low-cost measure that is implemented in operating systems and routers, among others. It should be clarified that a firewall does not protect data traffic that does not pass through it , because it cannot even control it. This means that our devices can be easily infected through flash drives or any other type of external storage. There are many computer attacks and of various types, if a virus enters through the USB, through any external storage, the firewall will not detect it.

A firewall is not something supplementary to an antivirus, but complementary. Both security methods are highly recommended on any computer, whether or not it has an Internet connection. A specific antivirus protects against those viruses that the firewall, in general, cannot detect, so they complement each other perfectly .

Firewalls typically have two action policies, one restrictive and one permissive . The former blocks all non-consensual traffic while the latter allows all traffic except that which is denied. This can be easily done from the Windows firewall settings, for example.

A computer virus can have many objectives, from obtaining personal information, credit cards, files… Once it enters the system, the virus can send information to the WAN (generally the Internet) with all the data collected, which it can do that your internet connection is quite affect, although that would be the least of your problems. You can evaluate the speed of your internet connection from this speed test in just 1 minute, but it should be note that the fact that the result of the test is not what you expect does not mean that you have a virus, for this you complement the firewall with a antivirus .

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