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How to Fix Split Ends? – Cuts, Pamper Your Hair, and More

How to Fix Split Ends? – Cuts, Pamper Your Hair, and More

Fix Split Ends

How to fix split ends? Split ends are an integral part of having long hair.

But, even though it is a common struggle, seeing split ends with your own eyes is undoubtedly one of the most irritating hair problems.

Why do the ends of the hair split?

  • The causes of split ends are daily worn and tear and styling, which gradually wears away the hair cuticle.
  • They usually start where large cuticle areas pull away from the shaft, revealing the inner cortex.
  • It’s a bit like cutting off all the outer layers of a tree trunk and exposing its vulnerable insides.
  • This split, in turn, causes a crack to spread throughout the hair fiber, and in really extreme cases.
  • The cortex may even separate from the hair (hair breakage) or, if it occurs at the ends, results in split ends.
  • We know that damaged hair is not the look you want, so let us share the tips to keep those split ends in check.

How to get rid of split ends?

Luckily, we have some tips and wiles to help prevent split ends and hide visible damage.

Take a look at the following more accessible recommendations.

1. Cuts are your ally, not your enemy

  • If you’re growing your hair out to belong, reserving a cut at the salon is probably the last thing you think you should do.
  • However, frequent cuts remove the driest parts of the hair, the ends, which accumulate the most damage over time.
  • And in fact, this will help you grow your hair looking healthy for longer.
  • The healthiest-looking hair is cutting the most often, so be sure to miss every 6-8 weeks for optimal hair health.
  • Rest assured that it will pay off in the long run for fresh, flowing hair.

2. Absorb the benefits of the Conditioner

  • Using a conditioning product regularly or a treatment mask every time you wash your hair is essential to looking beautiful, as it will significantly prevent long-term deterioration.
  • Here your hair will also look super shiny and feel silky to the touch. Treatment for dry and split ends in a few minutes.
  • The 3 Minute Miracle Repair and Protect Conditioner combines our best-repairing ingredients, nutrients, and antioxidants to nourish hair to prevent breakage.
  • Our haircare experts have proven it on real women’s hair in our test salons.
  • Put on it to the entire length of your hair, not just the ends, so that your full mane is protecting against damage.
  • It is also gentle enough to be used on colored or permed hair.
  • If your hair is fine, straight, or tends to get greasy, try the 3 Minute Miracle Aqua Light Conditioner.
  • Let it work for 3 minutes to restore your hair to a fluid, airy and voluminous look.

3. Take time to pamper your hair once a week

  • Who says you can’t have a spa experience at home? Think scented candles, bubble bath, and a good hair mask or, why not, your favorite TV show.
  • A pleasure. Pamper yourself with the Pantene Repair and Protect Intensive Mask to tackle damage and split ends while you relax. In just a few minutes, it will consent your hair silky, soft, and flowing.
  • And you can leave it on for longer while you soak in the bathtub or while you finish watching that episode.
  • Don’t have time to repair split ends? It would help if you had our 3 Minute Miracle Smooth and Smooth Conditioner that works magic in the time it takes to take a quick shower.
  • Unlike other treatments, you can use it in place of your regular Conditioner when you feel like your hair is going through a difficult period.
  • For example, after the summer holidays or because you are suffering from the effects of city pollution.
  • For a more intense (and even faster) weekly treatment of split ends, use the Rescue 1 Minute Repair and Protect Ampoules.

Which can reverse 3 months of the damage in just 60 seconds * (yes, they are that fast! ) Always traveling or moving from one place to another?

  • Individual tubes have the correct dosage of the product, so there’s no fear of overusing it.
  • And they can be carried in your gym bag or toiletry bag, wherever your day takes you.

4. Hydrates and nourishes to the end, all-day

  • One of the keys to preventing your ends from splitting? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Dry oil is a great hydration booster used on wet and dry hair to repair those troublesome ends and prevent split ends from showing up.
  • Our lightweight Repair and Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E is non-greasy, nourishes those brittle locks, and temporarily fuses the ends so they don’t look split.
  • There is no need for water, so keep it in your bag to keep the tips hydrated at any time.

5. Don’t abuse heat styling tools

  • Reducing your hair’s exposure to heat sounds excellent, but you are probably very attached to your straightening, blow-drying, and curling tools (we get it ideally!).
  • Providentially, there are a few ways you can try to minimize the damage without giving them up entirely. After all, dry hair is more susceptible to split ends.
  • If you can adjust the iron’s temperature, try reducing it for less impact on your hair.
  • The water inside and outside the hair will begin to boil (you see it steaming), and the boiling water inside each hair will seek its exit, creating small holes or enlarging the small ones.
  • Air drying is a great alternative, but you may not have time to wait for your hair to dry on its own.
  • Instead, allow time between towel-drying your hair and reaching for the blow dryer to give it a much-needed break from inactivity.
  • You can also use the excellent air option on your hairdryer – it may take longer.
  • But it’s less stressful on your precious mane and an easy way to prevent split ends.

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