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Frontier internet is the one for you?

Frontier internet is the one for you?

Frontier internet is the one for you:Frontier is one of the top internet providers, it is a popular alternative and an especially good deal when it comes to its fiber unlimited data plan.

If you are searching the web for plans offered by the top internet providers, at some point you will probably take a look at Frontier’s options.

It’s services are available in 27 states of the United States, and it gets to rural places that other companies sometimes do not.

Frontier internet plans also have unlimited data and low costs, but on the other hand, customer reviews are far from the top internet providers in the market.

Like most of the companies, Frontier offers both DSL and fiber connections, but services and coverage varies depending on your region and state.

Before making your choice, first you should understand the differences between these two technologies. But remember. the best deal is the one that suit you better.

Let’s takes a look at some key points when it comes to Frontier internet services and which plan should you choose

Customer Review

Besides being very popular, Frontier is not one of the top internet providers according to customers.

At the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index, the company is only the 12th best evaluated for its internet services. If it was a sports competition, Frontier would have the second pick at next year’s draft, because there is only one company behind it.

It has scored 57 out of 100 possible points, 14 points behind the top.

The score is slightly better than last year’s 55, but worse than 2015, the best for the company so far (61 points).

In 2019, the Better Business Bureau contacted the company. It has identified a pattern of issues reported for “missing appointments, decline in services previously handled by other providers who Frontier has assumed, billing issues including additional service charges for periods once the consumer has cancelled services”.

In the last 12 months, the Bureau has registered over 800 complaints from Frontier clients.

According to (a website monitor focused on internet speed problems), 88% of the issues reported are from its internet services —Frontier also has phone an TV services.

But Frontier internet service has to offer customers some good plans for honest prices. Let’s take a look.

Prices Are Good And Data is Unlimited

Maybe one of the two most attractive aspects of Frontier internet plans is its prices.

The cheapest DSL plan costs $38 (it is the 9Mbps one), and the fiber alternatives start at $50 (50 Mbps).


  • Frontier Basic Internet: 9Mbps max download speed, 1Mbps upload
  • Frontier Preferred Internet: 25Mbps max download speed, 1Mbps upload
  • Frontier Premium Internet: 115Mbps max download speed, 3Mbps upload
  • FiberOptic 50Mbps plan: 50Mbps max download speed, 50Mbps upload
  • FiberOptic 500Mbps: 500Mbps max download speed, 500Mbps upload
  • FiberOptic Gig Service: 940Mbps max download speed, 880Mbps upload

*Prices can raise after 12 months and not every plan is available at every region

Quick note: An internet speed is measured in bytes per second, such as megabytes or gigabytes (one gigabyte equals around 1,000 megabytes). It means how much data your plan can download or upload by second.

But the best thing about frontier internet may be it is unlimited. Yes, you will not need to worry if you have sufficient data to get to the end of the month. It also has no contract, which gives clients the liberty to change provider or plan with less trouble.

And it also has no equipment fee. It means you can either use the company’s modem and router for free or you can buy your own devices, so you can enjoy the best out of your internet. We can explain how.

It is just like a car. If you have a new one, the engine works better and it will consume less gas to ride. But if your car is old and lacks maintenance, it might not ride as fast as before.

When it comes to internet equipment, a good one means its Wi-Fi signal will get further, wil be more powerful, will lose less download speed along the way and you will be able to connect more simultaneous devices.

Also, there are several routers and modem alternatives on the market. Buying your own means you can choose the best for your needs, especially if you use the internet for working, gaming or studying.

And, if you have your own equipment, it means you can upgrade it to a newer and more powerful one whenever you want.

So, having the provider’s equipment is more practical and safe, but having your own, if you know how to choose it, can make you get the best out of your internet plan.

Transparency Problems

One bad thing that makes Frontier far from the top internet providers for consumers is that its prices rise after one year.

Wait, it is normal, isn’t it? It would be if the company was clear about when and by how much each plan costs rises. But Frontier is not transparent when it comes to it, the company simply does not say it to you right away.

So, if on one hand there is no equipment fee, you might wake up one day and have to pay more for your internet plan.

Legal Problems

“The FTC alleges Frontier did not provide many consumers with the maximum speeds they were promised, and the speeds they actually received often fell far short of what was touted in the plans they purchased”.

That is what the US Federal Trade Commission and six US states are alleging to sue Frontier for misleading customers who bought the company’s DSL plans.

The action comes after, according to the Federal Trade Commission, thousands of clients have filed complaints since 2015, saying that their download speeds were lower than what they were paying for.

Also, in 2020, suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic economic impacts, Frontier has filed for bankruptcy.

The company says it is part of an “financial restructuring plan that leaves unimpaired all general unsecured creditors and holders of secured and subsidiary debt”.

The company also says clients have nothing to worry about.

“Frontier expects to continue providing quality services to its customers without interruption and works with its business partner as usual throughout the court-supervised process. The Company has sufficient liquidity to meet its ongoing obligations”, it said in a public statement.

Frontier DSL Internet

Frontier offers customers three different plans for DSL services and three for fiber.

First of all you need to knows what are the differences between these two technologies.

The DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) transmits data over phone lines. This is maybe the most common options you will find, and it gets to places where more recent technology (such as fiber) does not.

But when it comes to the internet, speed is very important and, as phone wires are not the fastest way in the world to send and receive data, it is not the best alternative.

For many daily task such as checking and writing email, you won’t sense any difference between DSL or fiber, but when it comes to activities such as live streams or long video calls (that needs more data to work efficiently), a DSL internet might not handle it so well.

The fiber-optic connection is the best choice when it comes to speed, but it is not available for every internet providers and in every place.

Fiber is faster because, while on cable (the second fastest option) data travels over metallic lines more prone to corrosion, on fiber it travels by light emitted over glass strands.

As it is newer, it also loses less download and upload capacity along the way, so you will receive at your house a very close internet speed than the one you actually have contracted.

Another important factor is that, in fiber technology, you will find symmetrical download and upload speeds.

So, Which One Should I choose

Well, the best plan is the one that better suits your needs.

But when comparing Frontier alternatives, it is hard to find out a reason why you should choose DSL.

Although, of course, it is the only option available for you —the company offers fiber plans only in 19 US states. So, depending on where you live, you may only have the DSL alternative.

But, if you have both, you might want to do some price and speed comparison.

The fastest DSL service Frontier has to offer costs $55 (115Mbps) and the cheapest one (9Mbps), $38.

First of all, 9Mbps is slow for almost anything we do nowadays. Of course, if you live alone and almost don’t use the web, then it may be enough for you. But if you watch movies, have multiple devices or need to stay online for work, it might cause you some trouble.

Nevertheless, if you compare prices and speeds with fiber alternatives, you will have even less reasons to choose the DSL.

The cheapest fiber plan Frontier has to offer costs $50 and it gives you 50Mbps download speed. So paying only $12 more, you can have an internet over five times faster than the 9Mbps DSL plan.

But the faster DSL plan offers 115Mbps speed for $50, more than twice as fast and $5 cheaper than the 50Mbps fiber plan.

Ok, but if you pay $60, you can have the 500Mbps fiber internet speed at your house. And also remember that fiber is faster and more reliable than DSL technology.

So, the bottom line, if you need a superfast internet speed (for example, if you need to live stream or send and receive big files), you should choose the 940Mbps fiber plan for $80.

In any other case, stick with the 500Mbps one. Good price, good speed and a good option for almost everyone.

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