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Get Better With Amazon Product Photography

Get Better With Amazon Product Photography

The pandemic has affected every field to a great extent, and shopping is one of them. Although people cannot shop as they could, they still want to buy things they need. Due to this reason, the online marketplace is flooding with customers. An Amazon statistics report of 2021 showed a massive increase in global retail sales. This sale went to $468.78 Bn as compared to $404.44 Bn in 2020 and $346.49 Bn in 2019.

These sales numbers have also attracted many new businesses to get listed with Amazon. A report of 2021 evaluated the presence of Amazon Prime Members. The report showed the growth from 150 Mn members in Q4 2019 to 200 Mn in Q1 2021.

The ones above and many other sales reports prove that the competition on Amazon has grown. Now to survive in a medium this vast, you have to be better in every aspect. One of the things that set apart two same advertisements is the use of photographs. The right images can make you win big with returning customers if you can pull them off.

So, if you are one of the sellers on Amazon or looking to get started, then this guide will help you. We have put together some game-changing product photography tips that you can apply to get better sales. Moreover, these product photography tips will help you create fantastic content, so put them to use right away.

3 Best Practices To Increase Conversions

Even if you are tight on budget, the product photography is worth breaking your piggy bank as well. A good advertisement is something that attracts the audience and engages them. Since many already know that, what difference are we talking about?. This blog includes the things that are not much thought on but can make a big difference. For e.g: real-time effects, good lighting and environmental conditions play a big role. These can be hard for most people, but that is where a product photography service comes in. They have all the vital tools to take the right photos and skills to enhance them. Moving on, the following three things will prove helpful. They can make your product photography good and your sales reports better.

1.   Quality Before Quantity

Whether we are discussing the product or its showcase, quality is always important. You have to be spot on with how to capture the correct angles and present them. First, you need a good Main and Hero image that can gather the audience’s attention. The quality aspects that you need to consider are:

Good lighting – Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation. These things play a big role when a picture goes live on a product page. If you have access to good natural light, like god-rays, it’s like cream on the cake. Even if you don’t, there are some options in the camera that you can use. After that, you can use different softwares to further enhance the quality of images. For example, if you are selling a pen, it will look better under a nice ring light rather than in the dark. Apart from the software for the image quality, you can also make use of marketing CRM Software Integration and CRM software for real estate, and here is the list of best real estate CRM software in 2021:

• HubSpot.
• Zillow Premier Agent CRM.
• Bitrix24.
• Apptivo.
• Contactually.
• AgileCRM.
• Streak CRM for Real Estate.

• Wise Agent.

Clean Shots – White Background, Full product display and Crisp angles. It is better to include one photo of each side of the product. For that, you can try different angles as well. For example, if you are selling a book, it would look good sitting on a table with a cup of coffee.

Although Amazon allows more than enough space for photos, you don’t have to use it all. Take several photos, select the best ones and edit them. Then again, select a few from them for the showcase.

2.   Understand Requirements

The image compatibility on Amazon is vast, but there are certain standards to meet. After understanding them, you can add as many photos as it allows but make categories for ease. The categories can be, 1 main product image, 1 for its features and 1 or 2 for an explanation. The quality matters a lot, and make sure no photo shows pixels or blurs. Some basic standards for acceptable photos are:

Image type – JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PNG formats are acceptable.

Identification – Amazon ASIN number, 13 digits ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC. Also the file extension like .jpg or .png.

Sizing – All images should be 1600 pixels or more but not larger than 10,000 pixels with 72 dpi resolution. This will also allow the Amazon zoom feature to work, which also increases sales.

For more details, you can go to the Amazon product image requirements page. Other than this, add one photo that covers the whole product with clarity. This helps the audience understand the product and make a confident decision.

3.   Overpower. Not Overwhelm

This is the most important part to know. All the images are to explain your product, but not every photo needs to do that. There is a reason for the approval of adding more than one photo. If you show full product details in the same photo with the hero image, it will create confusion. Some things to remember to get the best response on photos are:

Detailing – If your product is complex or has some hidden features, use it to your advantage. You can show that with proper labelling and tell the user why it is best for them.

Separation – Separate your product showcases with the demonstration ones. If there are different ways to use the product or angles of design, then you need to tell that.

Content setting – The amount and placing of content are crucial. It should not be covering any vital image piece or is too much that it feels forceful to the user. An appropriate amount is enough to provide the required information to the customer. In the same way, the colors and font of the content are also important. If you are marketing an aggressive product it will need darker colors with light and italic font. On the flip side, if it’s a cruise trip, it will look better with light colors and bold fonts.

The content and images need presentation like they are for each other. An out-of-order image will not only look bad but will also cause the customers to bounce off. Remember, you need to produce overpowering images to outmaneuver the competition. You have to be careful not to overburden them so much that the customer feels overwhelmed and skips it.

Set Everything Right. Or Outsource

In the fierce competition of Amazon sellers, the most skilled one takes the lead. If you know how to present your product to the relevant audience then you can be that person. If you don’t know, then let a pro do the hard part and learn for the future.

Good product photography will help you achieve your desired sales target in no time. It will bring out the best in your product and make it feel lifelike.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Product Photography has opened many doors for many different fields. Many small businesses are making hefty profits by making the customer understand them.

The best part of giving photography decent time is not only the profits but the satisfaction. It makes it easy for the customer to know the looks and feels of the product beforehand. On the other side, it helps the seller provide complete information in a limited space.

Remember, a person searching on Amazon has made his mind about buying the product of need. With correct description, images and setting, you can be the seller on the other end.



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