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Google Glass – Applications, Price, and More

Google Glass

After knowing a little about the history of Google Glass, one of the big questions we ask ourselves is the title above.

The truth is that the answer is a mystery; there is no definitive date. Not at the moment does it seem that a consumer version will appear on the market, so we must wait for more news about it.

Yes, we can find a dedicated version designed for the business sector under Glass Enterprise Edition.

It is expecting that from 2020, smart glasses will have more prominence than they currently have, and therefore we could see more movement regarding these Glasses.

What are the Applications for Google Glass?

To ensure a level of quality and safety for users. The company will be reviewing the applications for Google Glass for design, usability, privacy, and security.

This Glassware review program will make approved applications part of My Glass, which currently has versions of SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe, and Thuuz.

Google Glass works primarily with an application called My Glass, which is using to operate the device.

With this app, you can see what is seen with the camera lens or configure the WiFi connection. My Glass also acts as an app store for Google Glass. As soon as you select one, it begins to appear on the device.

1.Snap Spectacles 2.0

  • Spectacles are smartglasses devoted to recording 10 seconds of video and take a photo for the Snapchat facility.
  • They feature a camera lens, record short video segments, and sync with a smartphone to upload to the user’s connected account.
  • If the young person’s choice of smartglasses, Snap’s second-generation Spectacles recover upon the original in excellent ways.
  • Don’t worry about receiving them wet either, as the second-gen Specs are waterproof.

Cons:You can only be able to share your photos and video with the Snapchat app.

2. Tweetie Smart Glasses

  • There’s no AR here. In its place, Tweetie glasses use bone conduction tech so you can relish music and radio with an open-ear design and the best eye protection.
  • It is worth stating that Tweetie is the 1st smart glasses armed with head gesture control, which allows you to take calls, switch songs, adjust the volume by trembling or nodding your head.
  • You don’t essential to take your mobile out of your pocket to the controller in other arguments.
  • In addition to that, it offers real-time navigation and is like-minded with Bluetooth. If you are a traveler, cycling fanatic, or always on the go, Tweetie is the finest smart eyewear for you.

Cons: The current version is not equipped with fitness trackers.

3. Jins MEME Glasses

  • If you supposed fitness trackers were the only devices that could path your fitness and fatigue levels, please reflect again.
  • Jins MEME Smart Glasses are other fitness and suitability trackers that originate with doctor-related apps to screen your fatigue and fitness levels.
  • Also, Ithe Jins MEME Digital Eye Glasses feature an accelerometer and a Gyroscope to path your figure axis to improve posture.

Cons: For health gadgets, it’s perfect. For entertainment, it provides nothing.

4. Everysight Raptor

  • With smartphone-like internals, the Raptors use an OLED-based projector system to provide the display and a host of onboard sensors. Can show mapping data, heart rate information, and other ride info.
  • There’s also a camera to offer action-cam-style footage and voice commands to use the specs hands-free.
  • Everysight launched the Raptor smartglasses last August, and the company is now working on encouraging developers to build applications for the platform.

Cons: Music downloaded to the Raptor plays through a small built-in speaker that sounds tinny.

What price will they have?

  • It is another unknown as the date of its launch. Although Google itself has given us some clue about its price throughout these years, it is expecting that the cost of Glass will not exceed $ 500 for the consumer version.
  • Of course, the Explorer version came out for $ 1500 and the Enterprise Edition version as well.
  • However, there are versions at a higher price in the latter, depending on the functionalities. Or functions to which the glasses are intending.

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