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Google Home Mini Features – Assistant Functions, and More

Google Home Mini Features

It is an intelligent speaker that serves as a central station for the Google home mini features.

We can manage the accounts and other devices linked to it through the Google Home application that we download to our mobile or tablet.

The device consists of a 40mm speaker that emits 360º and reproduces many different sound formats apart from the most common ones, such as Vorbis, WAV (LPCM).

Also, we can find two medium-range microphones to capture our voice and connection via WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is the Google Home Mini for?

  • As we mentioned earlier, the Google Home Mini is an intelligent speaker that serves as the home for Google Assistant.
  • When we purchase it, we need to download the Google Home application from the Play Store and install it on our smartphone or tablet with our Google account.
  • We must differentiate between the functions of Google Home Mini and those that are possible through third-party software.

Assistant Functions

  • Putting it that way is wrong, given that the functions are those of the Assistant, not the Google Home Mini itself.
  • The list of what can be complete with the Assistant seems to have no limits, and the application also receives constant software updates to optimize its performance.
  • We can set timers, alarms, music, news, translations, make calculations, request traffic information in our city, and similar actions.
  • The best thing about this part is not only what it can do. It gets better the more we use it.
  • Physically, Google Home Mini only has the button to mute the microphones locatable. Still, apart from it, we can touch the upper surface to lower or raise the volume, pause playback, or similar actions.
  • Finally, hidden behind the fabric mesh, we can see four white LEDs that act as a warning light and inform us about the speaker’s status.

In conclusion

  • Google Home Mini brings many valuable functions that are directly intending to make life easier for the user.
  • This device, designed for an office or home environment, uses Google Assistant to meet our demands and why we cannot explain one without the other.
  • The Assistant can work without Google Home Mini, but the speaker needs the Assistant (the application) to work correctly and an internet connection.

Wizard-linked functions

  • In addition to the many additional possibilities to the actions that the Assistant can perform by itself.
  • We can also play a series on Netflix or put music on the Google Home Mini linked to our Spotify or YouTube Music account.
  • The question comes in two facets, on the one hand, we have the external devices with which Google Home is compatible, exceed 10,000, including smart bulbs, speakers, cameras, televisions, or blinds.

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