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GTX 1660 – Most Significant Advantage, Performance, and More

GTX 1660 – Most Significant Advantage, Performance, and More

GTX 1660

We already have two of the three members of the 16 series on the market of GTX 1660. They have competed with formidable rivals.

The RX 580 and the AMD RX 590, the median of them, the NVIDIA GTX 1660, is the one with the best performance/price ratio of the three models that NVIDIA will launch on. The market, but how does it perform against its rivals?

What is the most significant advantage of the GTX 1660?

  • Perhaps the best thing about the new GTX 1660 is its price/performance ratio, but there are other facets that we must take into account.
  • Starting with some details of its architecture, Turing can execute floating-point instructions and, simultaneously, integer s, reducing each instruction’s execution time by approximately 28%.
  • It, together with the inclusion of the FP16 units. Instead of the Tensor cores and being separated from the FP32 and INT32 substances. Allows in some scenarios a performance gain under some environments and games.
  • Although FP16 is less accurate than cores, it is twice as fast as FP32, which helps, as we discussed.
  • Although we will see its performance below, in this type of range, it rewards the relationship between performance, watt, and price, since its future buyers aim to obtain the highest number of FPS per euro invested.

What has been invested?

  • Yield per euro invested Considering that there are no Founders Edition models, we have to choose a GPU representing the price and performance that NVIDIA established as a reference.
  • In this regard, the Zotac GTX 1660 TwinFan 6 GB is perfect since it meets all the conditions in terms of cost and maintains the reference frequencies.
  • As we can see, in the best-optimized resolution for this graphics card, only the almighty RX 570 manages to exceed its ratio, mainly for a price that is currently groundbreaking, and that is the distance from any other card on the market.
  • In 1440p, we see how the distance between 1080p (+ 15%) rises to 16%, maintaining the second position in the ranking. And where the RX 580 begins to approach its lower current price, since AMD has applied Discounts on their Polaris 20 and 30 chips, the latter in a lower average.
  • Under 4K, and surprisingly, this new GTX 1660 loses the second step of the podium. In favor of the RX 580 by only 2% where the AMD card uses its characteristics. Such as bandwidth or its greater RAM capacity.

How is Performance per watt consumed?

  • This section usually is inversely proportional to the yield per euro invested. The logic tells us that this is due to Turing cards’ exorbitant prices, as it is, but in the same way.
  • Applying the same reasoning in the performance/watt ratio will be very beneficial for Huang’s.
  • What we can see in this case is a clear winner: the GTX 1660. Its fetish resolution (1080p) manages to surpass its most direct rival (GTX 1050 Ti, there is nothing) by 7%, while it endorses 8% to the RTX 2080 and 12% to the RTX 2060.
  • If we go up to 2K, their performance starts to falter, and the other cards start to get dangerously close.
  • But, even so, it manages to keep the crown, although this time it only separates it from the RTX 2080 by 2%, to begin to see in the distance an entire RTX 2080 Ti at only a 6% difference.
  • Finally, under the 2160p resolution, it ends up losing and giving way to a technical tie between the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, of which they are separating by only 5%.
  • Even so, it remains in the third position ahead of the rest of RTX cards and all GTX cards, with little more to add.

How is the performance of GTX 1660?

  • What ends up prevailing is performance. It is the yardstick where we all look first but in this case. Contrary to what we always do, which is to offer it as a first option. We have considered it better to provide it as the last course, distorting the card’s general concept.
  • The natural rivals of this GTX 1660 should be the RX 580 and GTX 1060 6 GB, but due to its good performance, it relieves the RX 590 to also compete against it.
  • So much so that in 1080p, it is behind the new GTX 1660. The protagonist of this article manages to endorse a spectacular 8%, the difference against the graphics it replaces (GTX 1060 6 GB) rises to 17%.
  • So the change of one for another would be justified at this point. A figure that increases if we compare it against the AMD RX 580 will boost the difference up to 18 %.

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