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Hair Mask – 6 Best Hair Mask To Choose

Hair Mask

Moisturizing your hair with a good hair mask should be a ritual in your washing routine.

Along with shampoo and conditioner, this cosmetic has become essential for hair.

1.Ethical Shea Mask by René Furterer

  • The René Furterer brand has created this conditioning lotion to repair the driest and most damaged hair.
  • It tends to restructure the hair fiber so that the hair becomes silkier and softer.
  • This mask is composed of ingredients such as shea butter, which helps nourish the hair; the pectin fifteen to soften it.
  • Or the phospholipids that repair the internal fiber of the hair. Ideal for the intense nutrition of your hair.

2.Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Mask

  • This Kérastase mask offers you a nourishing treatment for delicate and dry hair in need of intense nutrition.
  • You only need to apply the product strand by strand, massage it delicately and leave it to act for 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Afterward, you wash it and rinse it with plenty of water. The result will be in sight.
  • Your hair will regain its shine and will remain nourished for a long time.

3.Shu Uemura Extreme Restoration Mask

  • It is enriched with rice extract, known for its protective, nourishing and restorative properties.
  • This mask repairs the hair fiber and protects against breakage. Hair is renewing, silky, and more docile, with a shine that highlights its natural beauty.
  • Apply to damp, towel-dried hair, ends to middles, massaging the grain.
  • Leave on for five to ten minutes, comb it with your fingers and rinse with plenty of water and enjoy the result!
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4.Olaplex N3 Hair Perfector

  • This product is the third link in the Olaplex protocol and aims to help restore capillary connections through two chemical treatments.
  • This product should be applied generously from roots to ends and is using once a week.
  • It is recommended for dry hair and must be distributed with a comb to leave for 10 minutes. Before rinsing and washing with the shampoo.

5.Novex Brazilian Keratin Mask

  • Recommended for dull, dry, and curly hair, this mask provides a smooth and deep repair to your hair.
  • It is enriching with Brazilian keratin protein and vitamin E that penetrate deep into the hair until it is fully conditioning and rebuilt.
  • Without a doubt, this product will restore shine and softness to your hair.
  • It also contains various hydrating and smoothing agents, which aid in the rebuilding process.

6.Wella Fusion Intense Repair Mask

  • This creamy mask will help you repair hair and protect it against breakage using intensive conditioning ingredients and amino acids.
  • Penetrates the cortex, instantly restores hair fiber, and helps prevent future damage Revitalizes, softens, and provides elasticity and resistance against breakage even to the most damaged hair.
  • It has been developing using a formula inspired by spider silk, one of the most muscular fibers in nature.

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