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Here’s Why Text Appointment Reminders Are More Preferred by Clients

Here’s Why Text Appointment Reminders Are More Preferred by Clients

Text messages are a great way to automate appointment reminders to your clients in a way that best guarantees they will see the message. Automated messages save everyone time from having to get on a phone call, and by using an affordable method of reaching clientele, you’ll save money and reduce the number of no-shows.

There are many reasons that people today prefer to receive their appointment reminders by text instead of by phone. Text reminders for appointments will show clients how you can meet their needs in the following ways:

1. It’s the preferred mode of communication for many clients.

Many people are no longer calling their friends and family members and prefer to receive texts for everything from making plans to receiving discount codes for their favorite clothing store. Many of your clients will prefer to communicate by text, and clients will choose to frequent a business that matches their lifestyle.

2. They won’t answer the phone.

Clients don’t like to answer a call from an unknown number. Worse, if you follow up consistently to reach your clients and confirm the appointment, some clients will assume the call is a scam by your persistence and won’t answer the phone. You may waste a lot of your time without ever getting a confirmation.

3. Clients don’t want their busy lives interrupted by a simple phone call.

Text messages appear briefly as a notification in a world where many clients are used to those pings on a daily basis. A phone call is now rarer and considered more disruptive, since your client has to completely stop whatever they were doing to hear that they have an appointment coming up.

4. Text messages serve as a record.

 When you call a client to remind them of their appointment time, unless they write it down, they won’t be able to look back at what you told them. When you send text reminders for appointments, they serve as an automatic note of the date and time for clients to reference again if they need to.

5. Clients want their data to remain confidential.

Using a reliable company that manages text reminders for appointments also provides the added security of full HIPAA compliance and encryption, so that your client’s data stays confidential. The company will use the minimum information necessary to confirm an appointment and avoid any personal information transmitted over reminders. They will delete information from the servers as soon as it’s no longer necessary.

Text Reminders for Appointments are Better for Your Business Too

In addition to higher client satisfaction, text reminders for appointments will save you time trying to reach clients and allow you to automate the process of reaching them. You can choose to send different messages depending on the client type – new clients or clients receiving specific services – so you won’t have to reach the client by phone with instructions.

Consider automating your text reminders for appointments, and you’ll serve more clients by ensuring they make their appointment time and follow the right instructions for a smooth interaction.

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