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Homemade Body Scrub – Natural Sugar Scrub, Exfoliate the Skin, and More

Homemade Body Scrub – Natural Sugar Scrub, Exfoliate the Skin, and More

Homemade Body Scrub

Homemade body scrub adding a scrub to your beauty routine is a must for your skin.

We show you how to exfoliate the body with natural ingredients.

The skin, both the body and the face, needs deep cleaning from time to time to remove the accumulated impurities.

Otherwise, it will become dull and dull over time. For this reason, it is recommending that you use a natural exfoliator for your skin.

1. Natural sugar scrub

  • You can use homemade products as a natural exfoliant, such as white or brown sugar.
  • There are several options for making a sugar scrub:

[Sugar and lemon]: mix the juice of half a lemon with three tablespoons of sugar and another three olive oil.

[Sugar and honey]: add three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of olive or almond oil to ½ cup of white sugar.

[Sugar and Moisturizing Body Cream]: Combine two tablespoons of sugar with three tablespoons of body cream.

2. Homemade scrub with salt

  • You can also exfoliate with salt instead of sugar, but better if it is coarse salt. This ingredient is a natural exfoliator that will leave your skin very soft and free of impurities.
  • To do it correctly, mix ½ cup of sea salt with ¼ cup of olive or almond oil. Both products are very moisturizing and.
  • If you want to add a slight aroma to this homemade body scrub, you can do it with essential oil like lavender, lemon, and roses.

3. Exfoliate the skin with coffee

  • If, in addition to exfoliating the skin, you want to combat cellulite in certain areas, coffee will be the best option.
  • It is because caffeine promotes blood circulation, reduces cellulite, and helps the skin regain its firmness and smoothness.
  • To make this natural scrub, mix two cups of ground coffee with three tablespoons of olive or almond oil and ½ cup of white sugar.

4. Baking soda for enviable skin

  • Another very effective homemade body scrub is baking soda. Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with a bit of water and two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • You will see how your skin recovers its usual softness with this remedy.

How to exfoliate the skin?

Now that you know the best products to make an effective natural exfoliator, you must know how to exfoliate your body correctly.

And is that exfoliation is a great and necessary procedure, perfect for all skin types, as long as it is done with the right products and in the right way?

  • If you poverty to start exfoliating your body but don’t know how to do it, pay attention to these tips to get the most out of this procedure.
  • Here, using a homemade body scrub for the body is better than the grain is coarse, unlike for the face, since the skin is more delicate.
  • Slightly of the above could serve you, as they are all made with crude grain products.
  • Before exfoliating the body, it is recommending that you take a suitable bath to do it with damp skin, as this will better distribute the natural exfoliant so as not to hurt yourself.
  • For best consequences, pour some of the exfoliating lotions of your choice on your hand and apply them to the area with gentle, upward circular motions.
  • Therefore, you will eliminate dead cells and stimulate circulation. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure. Here the homemade body scrub by itself will do its job.
  • However, you don’t need to scrub hard. Hereafter a minute of massage, wash off with plenty of warm or cold water and apply a generous amount of moisturizing body cream to dry skin.
  • However, avoid exfoliating the most delicate areas of your body, such as the breasts or the decollete area.
  • For these areas, it is healthier to apply the same scrub that you use for the face, as its grain is much more delicate and will not damage your skin.
  • Here do not exfoliate your dermis more than once a week because, although the result is pleasant, an excessive exfoliation could irritate your skin and cause damage.
  • Also, if you have undergone a peel, suffer from some dermatitis, or have suffered sunburn, it is not convenient to exfoliate the skin until it improves.
  • Don’t overlook using your regular moisturizer after using a homemade body scrub. Here the dermis will absorb it faster and will benefit better from its nutrients.
  • Positive, you don’t need to let the natural scrub work in, so remove it when you’re doing it. If you famine to enjoy a deeper exfoliation, you can use a special glove to exfoliate the skin.
  • We recommend the one made of natural bamboo charcoal fiber that does not contain chemical, hypoallergenic, or toxic substances.
  • This utensil leaves the skin much cleaner and smoother as if you had undergone a professional body peel.

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