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How Can I Make My Dodge Charger Look Better

How Can I Make My Dodge Charger Look Better

The Dodge Charger is undoubtedly a great car. This sports sedan has it all. It is compact, powerful, comfortable, and stylish. Launched in 2011, the Dodge charger is aging like fine wine and get’s a better, finer model every year. But what if you could make your Dodge Charger look even better.

By adding different mods to your stylish sedan, you can not only improve its appearance but its performance as well. Mods are nothing but car modifications that you can add to any car. Depending on the type, they can mildly to drastically change a lot about your vehicle. 

Mods may be expensive, but they are worth the cost. At least the ones I’ll be suggesting. Also, if you’re spending so much money on your car, it’d be best if it is insured. Now, you may think, “How much is insurance on a dodge charger?.” Well, you can easily find all the answers to that question in the question itself. Just click on it. 

You can also compare the best car insurance companies to get the best rates. You can read the full guide here. Let’s see the different mods that’ll make your Dodge Charger look and perform better. 

This is the oldest trick in the book to make your car look better. A good paint job can be a great makeover for your Dodge Charger. It will significantly improve the appearance of your car. Not only that, but it also has many other benefits.

It makes your car look right-out-of-the-showroom new. It also covers up any prior scratches and marks your car might have. Other than that, a paint job also does wonders regarding rust prevention. So, you see, a paint job will effectively make your muscle car look better. 

  • Install Racing Seats

This is a matter of preference. But isn’t everything else. The Dodge Charger comes pre-installed with great and comfortable seats. But if you like to use your super sedan for some thrill and racing, it’d be great to upgrade to racing seats.

There are a few factors that support my statement. The first is adding the ‘oomph’ factor to your Dodge Charger. But they are useful as well. These seats are designed with the driver’s safety in mind, which is crucial when you have racing in mind. 

They have better upholstery than the regular seats. The seats hold the driver as well as the shotgun passenger better. If you want to improve the look of your Charger even better, you can add new and better floor mats as well. These mods will change the interior of your car for the better. 

  • Add Some Aftermarket Wheels

If you have a great suit on but don’t have the right shoes to go with it, it ruins the whole look, doesn’t it? Well, the wheels are the shoes of the car. You can improve the exterior as well as the interior of your car. But as long as you don’t upgrade to better wheels, there’s no point. 

Many people like to upgrade to larger wheels to make the car look more powerful. But that’s not the case with Dodge Charger. Larger wheels affect the performance of your Charger. You can upgrade to smaller and more stylish wheels. 

This is actually an affordable upgrade and will help improve the complete look of your car. A new set of wheels also gives you better maneuverability over your powerful car. 

  • Add Tinted Films To The Windows

This is probably the most underrated upgrade to your car. Everybody talks about paint jobs or changing upholstery. But nobody talks about the effect tinted windows have on your car. 

Tinted windows make your Dodge Charger look classier. Not only do they increase privacy, but also the appeal of your vehicle. They also protect against UV rays and, in turn, save your upholstery from fading. 

  • Add LED Highlights

LED headlights just make your car look fierce. Some states don’t allow a lot of color variation in headlights. The only colors allowed are white, yellow, and amber. But if you don’t have this limitation, you can choose the color that complements your car.

LED headlights also come with their use case. They are efficient and have a longer life than your regular headlights. They make your Dodge Charger look better and work well in different temperature ranges. 

  • Mod The Car’s Air Intake Systems

If you didn’t know, your car needs cold air. The better the cool airflow, the better the fuel combustion. This results in a better ride. So, it is better to add a cold air intake system to your Dodge Charger. 

This helps increase the horsepower and torque output along with better and increased acceleration. The air intake systems are also low-maintenance. Your car also makes a pleasant sound under the hood with a good air intake system. 

  • Add Performance Exhaust Systems

When adding performance-based mods, performance exhaust systems should be at the top of your mod list. A good exhaust system designed specifically for a Dodge Charger will add extra power and sheen to your car.

 It also improves the car’s fuel economy. Adding the exhaust systems to your Charger will give them deep and aggressive tones, which many people approve. Pretty exhaust systems are a great way to improve both the looks and the performance of your Dodge Charger. 

  • Add Programmers and Tuners

If you want, you can add an ECU programmer to your car. It is considered one of the best mods for a Dodge Charger. It reprograms your car’s unit and tunes it.

ECU reprogramming and tuning should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. If done right, tuning gives you a more powerful engine. It also enhances the horsepower and torque output of your car. It also improves your fuel economy, giving your car a cleaner fuel burn. So, it enhances the overall performance of your engine and car to give you a better ride. 

Switch Up Your Dodge Charger!

So, these were some of the mods you can add to your car that’ll make your Dodge Charger look better. Some improved the car’s visual appeal, while some enhanced its performance. I hope you find this article helpful. Take care!

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