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How to Choose Coin Counter for small business

How to Choose Coin Counter for small business

In this world of digital currency everywhere, still there are many places where coin counter machines can come in handy. A coin counter machine can be an essential tool for your business as it plays a pivotal role in saving your time. When you receive a large number of coins every day from your customers it can many times become difficult to handle such a large sum. In such situations, coin counter machines come in handy. Buying coin counter machines can be a good move for your business.

Why Ribao’s coin counter machines?

If you are looking to buy a good coin counter machine then the coin counter from Ribao Technology can be an excellent choice. Ribao Technology have great experience in designing the best coin counter machines across the United States. We are committed to excellence for the past 26 years and it is our experience and good work that has made us the best coin counter machine producing company In the United States. We develop advanced coin countering machines having various features. Here are some of the features of our coin counter machines:

High Speed:

As mentioned above, we develop elite coin counter machines that are lightning-quick to use. We understand the importance of time and that is the reason why our coin counter machines are super quick. Our coin counter machine can count up to 2300 coins per minute.

Can Handle Various Currencies:

Our coin counter machines are reliable not only for counting the United States coins. Our customers enjoy the privilege to count coins from over 20 different countries including Canada and Mexico with the same coin counter machines. These coin counter machines spectacularly identify various currencies and place them in different pockets.

Large Capacity:

It is important for a coin counter machine to have a good hopper capacity. Our coin counter machines have a large of more than 4000 coins that help you do your counting efficiently. If you want to extend this capacity, you can simply install a hopper extender which will help you increase your hopper capacity up to 18,000 coins.

Additional Features:

The ACR technology which is our self-developed technology is implied while designing the coin counter machines to enhance the quality of our items. It also enhances the detection speed of the coin counter machines. Our coin counter machines have built-in counterfeit detection systems that protect you from revenue losses.

The machines that we develop are durable in nature and can ensure the counting of over 50,000,000 coins without changing any critical parts. We develop coin counter machines with different speeds. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. Our products are easy to operate and maintain. We also take good care of the customer after selling our designs which is the reason why we provide lifetime technical support to our customers.

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