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How to Grow Nails Fast? – Food, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, and More

How to Grow Nails Fast? – Food, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, and More

How to Grow Nails Fast

How to grow nails fast? Wearing long and well-groomed nails is synonymous with beauty for many girls, but not all of them are lucky enough to wear them long.

Either because they have a habit of biting them or because the continued use of nail polish damages them.

How to grow nails quickly?

Beyond the habits you can avoid to avoid damaging your nails, there are natural tricks to make them grow healthier and more robust.

1. Food

  • A regular diet is essential for our health and well-being, also for that the nails.
  • As we mentioned before, nails are nothing more than an extension of the skin to protect our fingers, so we can also take care of them from the inside.
  • A series of vitamins and minerals help us grow nails faster, keeping them healthy, strong and preventing them from breaking.
  • Vitamins A, BC, and H. are especially effective. It is also essential to include foods rich in folic acid (vitamin B29) in your diet.
  • Some examples of foods that will help grow strong and healthy nails are eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale, oats, soybeans, salmon, sardines, citrus fruits, or dairy products.

2. Lemon juice

  • Here apart from taking care of your diet, there are other ways to grow nails fast with home and natural remedies. One of them is to use lemon juice, which helps to strengthen the nail.
  • You need to mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl for this remedy. And also, heat for 20 seconds in the microwave and keep your nails soaked for 15 minutes.
  • If you want an easier and faster method, you can also benefit from the vitamin C of the lemon with a simple slice of it.
  • It will be enough to rub the piece on the nails for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then you rinse with warm water, and that’s it.

3. Garlic

  • Garlic is another usual product to grow strong nails and quickly. For this medicine, you need 2 cloves of garlic.
  • It is sufficient to crush them or crush them in a bowl and apply the result on your nails, letting it rest for about 10 minutes. It is also helpful to rub the garlic clove on the nail directly.
  • Another remedy to grow nails is adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to this paste and applying it to the nail.

4. Coconut oil

  • Coconut oil is also helpful in growing nails, as they hydrate both the nail and the skin around it, promoting its solid and healthy growth.
  • To use this remedy, you must heat a little coconut oil in a container and massage the nails and the skin around it. This remedy is also perfect for treating fungal nail infections.

5. Apple cider vinegar

  • The apple cider vinegar will also serve to have longer and more cared for nails, helping to strengthen them and make them grow faster.
  • For this remedy, dilute ½ glass of apple cider vinegar in another glass of water. However, mix well and soak your nails in the solution for about 15 minutes.
  • Here you will see how your nails will look healthier and grow faster.

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