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Insurance Write For Us

Insurance Write For Us

Insurance Write For Us – Insurance is a financial instrument that allows people, companies and the State to transfer their risks to a third party -person or company-, by paying a sum of money.

Thus, in the event that the events covered in the insurance contract occur, said third party must pay the insured an indemnity or an insured sum, or must provide a service, in accordance with the conditions of the policy.

In this way, insurance helps people recover from the effects produced by the unexpected situation, and their quality of life or that of their family is not compromised.

ABC of Insurance

  • Below, you’ll find key information to help you better understand how insurance works.
  • Insurance policy: it is the document issued by the insurance company and where all the conditions of coverage of the contracted insurance are indicated.
  • Premium: is what is paid for the insurance, that is, its cost. It can be paid in cash and sometimes in installments, depending on the type of insurance.
  • Policyholder: is the person who purchases the insurance. Usually it is the same person who pays it.
  • Insured: is the person who may be affected in the event that the risk covered by the insurance materializes.
  • Beneficiary: is the person to whom the compensation is paid or the service is provided when the risk covered by the insurance materializes.
  • Insured value: it is the amount that the affected party receives as compensation for the occurrence of the risk covered by the insurance.
  • Deductible: it is the sum of money that the person who receives the compensation must assume. In other words, it is the amount that the insurance company does not pay to the beneficiary.
  • Exclusions: are specific conditions that are not covered in the insurance contract. That is, if these situations occur, the company does not pay compensation or provide the contracted service.

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