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iPhone 5G – Which iPhones Have 5G, What is Millimetre Wave 5G, and More

iPhone 5G – Which iPhones Have 5G, What is Millimetre Wave 5G, and More

iPhone 5G

Use 5G with your iPhone 5G, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max to work with specific carriers’ 5G cellular networks.

What iPhone has 5G?

If you want an iPhone 5G, you are currently limited to the following models:

  • [iPhone 12]
  • [iPhone 12]Mini
  • [iPhone 12]Pro
  • [iPhone 12]Pro Max

And that is. The iPhone 11 range ensures not support 5G, not even Pro, and Pro Max. Is it worth buying the iPhone 11 in 2020?

  • Nonetheless, if you want 5G, you’re stuck with the iPhone 12 lineup. And they are also more expensive than the iPhone 11 range. But they all have OLED displays, 5G, and Apple’s new A14 CPU.

What Kind of 5G Works with Apple’s iPhone 12?

  • All Apple iPhone 12 models are powered by 5G, but if you’re in the US, you’ll be able to access even faster millimeter wave 5G, powered by Verizon.
  • For example, outside of the US, Apple’s iPhone 12 operates with frequencies below 6 GHz in the UK, mainly between 3.4 and 3.6 GHz.

What is Millimetre Wave 5G?

  • As with most things related to radio waves and the dissemination of mobile data.
  • The technology required to deploy millimeter wave 5G is super complex, too hard to convey accurately in words (especially since I am no engineer).
  • Instead, here’s a visual guide to what millimeter-wave 5G is and how it is different from other forms of 5G.

Is 5G Dangerous?

  • Many people are wary of 5G, following tons of bunk science posted on social media and web forums.
  • The claims, some of which are utterly bonkers, like the idea that 5G is being use to infect people with COVID, are, once again, examples of the internet running away with itself.
  • Here the simple fact you need to know about 5G is that the radiation it gives off is non-ionizing.

What does this mean? Well, ionizing radiation – the type of radiation emitted by the sun and found in gamma rays – can and will damage DNA and causes cancer.

  • The radiation associated with 5G is non-ionizing which means it does not have the required energy to damage DNA.
  • Also, both the WHO has and many other public bodies have signed off on 5G and mobile phones, in general, as perfectly safe for use.

What about the 2018 story that showed rats emerging cancers after prolonged exposure to radiation?

  • Yes, it happened, but these rats were both in high doses of radio-frequency radiation for nine hours a day for two years.
  • Not one that, but some rats in the study were expose while still in their mother’s bellies.
  • Then that kind of exposure, over such an extended period, will cause some issues.
  • It didn’t negatively affect female rats, and all the rats exposed to the radiation lived longer than those in the control group.
  • The study’s primary decided that, based on the findings, the level of energy emitted by mobile phones.
  • Which are magnitudes lower pose a ZERO threat to human health, even with prolonged use.

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