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Keyword Research Write For Us

Keyword Research Write For Us

Keyword Research Write For Us – Keyword research (literally ” keyword research “) is one of the most important activities for online marketing. Apparently, it’s one of the easiest things to do in digital marketing . In the end, one thinks, it is “only” a matter of choosing words . Instead, as we will see shortly, this choice involves the success or failure of an entire marketing or communication plan. And, consequently, the successful launch of a product, or the promotion of a brand.

As the name itself implies, keyword research consists in searching for keywords that are in line with the objectives of the marketing plan of our company (or the one we work for) or our business. To do this, specific tools and programs are used that help identify which are the most used words on search engines for a given topic, such as related keywords (ie, those that are used together with the word that interests us, or as its synonym) and other such information.

Specifically, the keyword research will allow you to answer three fundamental questions in any communication plan:

  • What are people looking for when they surf?
  • How many people are looking for it?
  • In what format do they want the information they are looking for?

So let’s see how keyword research is done.

Why keyword research is important for online marketing

Even though online marketing has evolved over the years, and SEO has gone hand in hand, keyword research is still one of the most important things to do as soon as you start working on a new project. A keyword research conducted well, in fact, can determine the success (or, on the contrary, the failure) of a marketing campaign of any kind.

In fact, keywords are the basis on which to build the entire online promotion strategy of a brand, product or initiative. Contrary to popular belief, keyword research is not just for writing content to be placed on some search engine (mainly Google, but not only). Searching for keywords, for example, can also be useful for designing and building the infrastructure of an e-commerce , choosing the product categories with the greatest number of searches. Or, again, to advertise online , creating advertisements focused on the words most searched for by users.

The keyword research, however, is also functional to the “positioning” of posts on social platforms (in this case we will search for the most incisive hashtags, for example). Or, again, SEO can also be used to sell products on e-commerce portals managed by third parties. For example, keyword research is of great importance to sell on Amazon : it allows you to rank high among the search results, thus increasing the chances of increasing the conversion rate and, with it, the sales volume.

What are “long tail” keywords

One of the tricks to make your positioning strategy more effective – and, as seen, your online marketing strategy – is not to focus exclusively on the so-called “dry keywords” , that is, consisting of one or at most two words. To obtain better results it is in fact good to also focus on the so-called long tail keywords, or long tail keywords . Although, as we will see shortly, it would be better to define them as keyphrases .

In fact, these are short phrases consisting of 3 or 4 words which, compared to “dry” search keywords, have a lower search volume, but for which it could be easier to position oneself. Not only that: long tail keywords are much more specific (they are “niche”, as they say in technical jargon) and provide, in most cases, a direct response to specific user needs, and for this reason they are increasingly appreciated by Google.

Long tail keywords, for example, must necessarily be part of the development plan of an e-commerce portal or an information portal . For an online store that sells children’s clothes, for example, it will be much more important (in terms of user conversion into customer) to rank for a specific keyword such as ” 2 year old red t-shirt”Instead of” baby shirt “. The first, despite having a lower volume of searches, will have a greater chance of conversion, since it responds to a specific need of the user (who is specifically looking for red t-shirts for 2-year-olds, and not all t-shirts for children in gender). Similarly, an information portal should also try to position itself on more specific keys, which help to give answers to precise user requests (positioning for a keyword such as “how to block contacts on WhatsApp” rather than for a generic “WhatsApp”).

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