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Largest Micro SD Card – Advantages, Disadvantages, and More

Largest Micro SD Card – Advantages, Disadvantages, and More

Largest Micro SD Card

We talk about the human mind. The largest micro SD card, a good memory, is beneficial since it gives us the facility.

To make mental notes of moments, places, songs, and things to do. Today, thanks to technology, we can leave all that cognitive load to a small plastic square.

Start thinking about all the photos and videos you want to take in the future because you will surely save them in one of those.

4 Best Micro SD Cards to Select

Ensure your device has a slot for these cards, some phones like Apple’s iPhone series do not support external memory.

The speed of the card does not depend on its storage capacity.
There are different card formats; if you use an ancient device, you may not receive the cards with newer designs.

1. Samsung Evo Select SDXC 128 GB

  • Samsung MB-ME128GA / AM – MicroSDXC Evo Select memory card with adapter, 128GB
  • $ 1,316.37
  • Samsung is always doing things well, and that is why it is so easy for you to see products of this brand among the best on the market. This memory has a MicroSDXC format, which is using by the latest generation devices.
  • It has a maximum capacity of 128 that will surely help you to store everything you need. Its high speed will allow you to record and play 4K videos without any problem, and if you have excess or lack of money, you can find 256GB and 62GB versions.

2. Kingston Digital SDHC 32GB

  • Kingston Canvas Select – 32GB microSDHC Card, Class 10 UHS-I, 80MB / s Read, 10MB / s Write, FAT32
  • $ 101.00
  • If you want a more accepted format between devices of the last generation and the previous generation, you will not be able to find a better deal than the Kingston Digital SDHC.
  • Although its maximum memory is 32GB, its memory format is one of the most accepted.

3. PNY Elite SDHC 128 GB with Reader

  • PNY Elite – microSDCH Card, 128GB with OTG Reader, 128GB / with OTG Reader
  • $ 1,419.68
  • For those photographers who want to transfer their photos from their camera to any PC seamlessly, this PNY Elite combo comes with a 128GB SDHC memory with speed class 10 and a memory adapter that works with USB outputs for computers and USB- C for Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Perfect for transferring your photos, videos, and documents from your portable devices to computers and laptops.

4. Kingston Technology SDXC 512GB

  • Kingston USB Flash Drive SDCR / 512GB Canvas React 512GB
  • This colossal size memory from Kingston has the highest memory capacity on the market. It has an SDXC format and has a Class 10 speed. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures, shocks, water, and x-rays.
  • Although it has excellent resistance to adversity and its size and speed are much higher, its price leaves much to be desired.

What are Micro SD Cards, and why are they so widely used?

Micro SD Cards are tiny flash memory devices measuring 11.0mm wide, 15.0mm long, and 1mm thick and were creating by SanDisk.

After the SD Card Association, they were named MicroSD, made up of giants in the flash memory market.

These flash memory cards are using in devices where small size is crucial, such as digital phones, Tablets, and portable video game consoles, among many other devices.

Even though these cards have a higher price than SD Cards, their use is widely spread in the digital world, as the small size of these cards does not reduce the usefulness and versatility they provide.


  • A low-quality card can negatively affect the performance of a device
  • They can be easily damaging by shock, electric shock, or corrosion
  • It has limited read and writes cycles, which means its lifespan is finite


  • Its measurements allow other devices to reduce their size without affecting storage capacity
  • They are compatible with a multitude of smart devices
  • Enable more efficient file sharing between portable devices and computers.

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