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Low Porosity Hair – To Evaluate, Visible Signs, and More

Low Porosity Hair – To Evaluate, Visible Signs, and More

Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair is commonly confused with dry hair. Porosity refers to the ability of hair to absorb and retain hydration.

Not only that received through the natural oils produced by the scalp but also the products we use daily.

The cuticle is the outer layer of each strand, and its condition determines the level of [porosity] of the hair. Low porosity in hair, for example, is the result of a closed cuticle.

How to evaluate the low porosity of hair?

To test hair at home, there is a little experiment to try, cut a strand, a small one from the nape of the neck where it cannot be seen, and place it in a glass of water.

Now, fixes it sink or float after about a minute or two. If it swims on top or takes more than 3-4 minutes to fall entirely, this is the most obvious sign of low [hair porosity].

Other visible signs of low hair porosity:

  • At a precursory glance, you may have noticed that hair has no volume or body. But it is worth a clarification.
  • There can be low [porosity] in any [hair] texture (straight or curlers, fine or thick).
  • The characteristic of soft [porosity hair] is that it does not absorb as much moisture as higher [porosity hair].
  • It’s also a lot more slippery, which means it can be harder to get grip and volume.

Low hair porosity products

1. Dove Intense Hydration Shampoo

  • Light formulas, such as Dove Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, are ideal for [low porosity] hair because they deeply hydrate without weighing down the hair.
  • This washing system, in particular, is enriched with oxygen and moisturizing agents, which help to soften, progressively nourish in-depth and protect the hair.

2. Sedal Moisturizing Treatment Cream

  • The Sedal Hydrating Treatment Cream, meanwhile, was specially designed for the low [porosity of the hair].
  • Its formula contains aloe vera and honey, which helps to fortify hair and hydrate at the same time.

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