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Ludo Casino is one of the most popular slots in the global online gaming market

Ludo Casino is one of the most popular slots in the global online gaming market

Online ludo betting is the twoplayer game version that uses only onehalf of the blackboard; areas that would normally fit the third or fourth person are greyed out, and the pieces will miss those spaces when they normally travel between them.


At the beginning of the game, the first task is to move your own pawns from the starting area. Each player rolls the dice in turn. A six is necessary to relocate a figure to the path, where it is placed on a colored square of a globe. Those players who don’t yet have any pawns on their board may throw up to 3 times in an effort to get a Six; with any piece in the game, only one throw is permitted.

If the move you made ends with you landing on an opponent’s figure, this pawn is then sent straight back to the original area. It is known as a strike on the opposite side of the piece. If two or more of the same person’s own pawns are in the same field, though, they will protect each other; if yours land on them, instead, your piece will be dispatched back to the start area.

Special Characters

Two types of Special Squares exist on the Board. First, they are the stars. Should you touch down on a Star, you will instantly be transferred to your next star in front of the Board (this doesn’t apply unless there are other Stars to move your pawn, therefore, don’t ever be scared tofly overto your Home Column. ). If your land on your enemy’s pawn on either of those stars, you will bring it back to its starting position.


This game has a little more punch in the ludo than many other skillbased games. You can’t make any dice, of course, and your throws will happen at random, so you can do your best what you have. And although there’s a strategy for choosing the best moves, avoiding the biggest mistakes is almost next to impossible; that means you can only get a relative slight edge through skill, and weak players will sometimes even lose to the experts when things go wrong.

To a large degree, the key to playing the game is security. As much as you can, leave your pieces in areas where they cannot be taken. This could mean a few simple things: Your home pillar is an ideal spot, yet most of the globes are safe as well, so you can also redouble your own pawns in order to defend them. This is particularly crucial when your own pawns are nearing a finish line: a figure sent to the starting point after it has nearly circled the board is a huge waste of your time.

The classic

Ludo might not have the same prestigious status that chess, go, and backgammon do, but it is nevertheless among the classic titles that families and cronies around the world have been enjoying over generations. Though this game family is enjoyed in different ways in various nations, there is little question that the majority of folks will find Spigo’s side of the family familiar at a quick glance, allowing them to easily become engrossed in the games.

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