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Malware Write for Us – Malware is an “umbrella” term that encompasses numerous variants of malicious software, including viruses, ransomware , and spyware. Short for malicious software, malware is usually made up of code developed by cyber-criminals, designed to cause extensive damage to data and system or to gain unauthorized access to a network. Usually the malware reaches the victim in the form of a link or file sent by e-mail: when the user clicks on the link or opens the file, the trap is set.

Malware has been a threat to people and organizations since the early 1970s, when the Creeper virus first appeared. Since then, the world has come under attack from hundreds of thousands of different malware variants, all aimed at causing as much disruption and damage as possible.

What can malware do?

Malware Write for Us

Malware spreads their payload in various ways. From requesting a ransom to the theft of sensitive personal data, cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods. Below is a list of types and definitions of the most common malware.

Types of malware


Viruses are probably the most common type of malware. They attach their malicious code to clean code and wait for the unsuspecting user or an automated process to execute it. Just like biological viruses, they can spread quickly and widely, causing damage to the basic functionality of systems, damaging files, and blocking users’ access to their computers. They are usually hidden inside an executable file.


Worms are named for the way they infect systems. Starting from an infected machine, they open a path in the network, connecting from machine to machine to spread the infection. This type of malware can pollute entire networks of devices very quickly.


As the name suggests, spyware is designed to spy on user actions. Hidden in the far corners of the computer, this type of malware collects info without the user knowing, such as credit card details, keys and other sensitive info.


Remember the Greek soldiers who hid in a giant horse to launch their attack? This type of malware can hide itself or appear as legitimate software. Silent, it breaches security by creating backdoors that give easy access to other malware variants.


Also known as scareware, ransomware comes at a very high price. Capable of shutting down networks and blocking users until they pay a ransom, ransomware has hit many of the world’s largest organizations, with costly consequences.

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