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Medium Layered Haircuts – Best Medium Layered Haircuts To Choose

Medium Layered Haircuts

Without a doubt, the medium layered haircuts is the most popular style of the year. The reason this is so is that layers add dimension and body to the hair.

That is, they are perfect for filling in straight hair and refining frizzy hair.

With bangs

  • There are several types of bangs bushy straight, long, uneven, short, to the side.
  • If you have a square face, it is recommending that you use the bangs to the side, as it will make your face look more feminine and soft.
  • Avoid geometric cuts. They will make your face look rough and too extravagant.
  • If you have a round face, I suggest you use uneven or lopsided bangs, with some strands on the sides of your face.
  • It will make the rounded shape of it hide (for this type of face, it is 100% recommended to wear bangs; you will take advantage of your features).
  • In case your face is heart-shaped, it is precisely the same. Use uneven, fringed bangs.
  • And let two strands fall to the sides of your face, starting at the top of your head.
  • If you use straight -geometric- bangs, it will break the harmony of your face since it is already very soft.
  • Avoid volume. Open bangs will also look great on you because your face goes from larger to smaller. These bangs will draw attention away from your chin.

Short layers

  • The short layered medium length is perfect for all types of faces, resulting in an incredible look.
  • What this haircut will do is give you more movement and volume. You can achieve elegant or informal styles.
  • If you are looking for something more informal, you can use a curling iron or wet braid hair.
  • And when drying, ruffle the curly waves, then apply fixative to last all day.
  • If you want something elegant, you can use the same method without ruffling the waves so much, and you can make a half tail with a lovely charm.

With volume

  • A medium-length hair with volume will make you look more stylized.
  • You will look taller and more elegant. You can comb it to the side to add more importance to the top of your head.
  • It is suitable for long, round, and square faces as it softens your features.

Layers for thin or sparse hair

  • If you have little hair, I do not recommend that you wear short layers.
  • Since you will make it look even scarcer, and that is not what we are looking for.
  • What I advise you in your case is to wear long layers, and if possible, curl them.
  • It will look fuller and heavier, giving the illusion that you have more hair.

For straight hair

  • I recommend that you do not use layers or few and long since it will look a little stylized.
  • The layers’ cuts will look very rude, like axes. On any face, it will look great to wear your hair to one side.
  • Add more volume to the top of the head. If you take part in the middle, your face will look flatter.

For curly hair

  • Short layers are your thing! You will achieve a super cool movement effect, and you will take advantage of your volume.
  • You will also feel more comfortable, as there will be no crazy curls crossing your face.
  • I recommend you wear the shaggy bangs, not only will you look great, but they will be much more comfortable to wear.

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