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Top Mobile Games to Sharpen Your Mind That You Need To Download Right Now

Top Mobile Games to Sharpen Your Mind That You Need To Download Right Now

We can’t argue that smartphones have made it quite easier to access information. From accessing our emails to social media, carrying out transactions to ordering goods, literally everything can be done via smartphones.

And why not? Today’s tech is highly oriented towards mobile optimization. The same is the case for mobile apps, particularly games. We have PUBG, COD, and several other mainstream games played on PCs and consoles; however, to cater to the demand, a mobile version of these was launched.

With this, we have a plethora of mobile games that you can play if you have time and the stamina for it. For this article, we’re going to keep ourselves limited to mind-sharpening games. If you’re looking to test your mind or even looking for challenges after playing mainstream games, then we got you covered with this list.

Make sure you’re using a good internet so that you can run these apps and keep the data synced to track your progress. For this, we recommend that you check out plans from Xfinity since you’ll get good-speed internet as well as reliable connectivity.

Simply reach out to the xfinity customer service or look for availability to get a plan right away. With this, let’s check out the best mind-sharpening games on the market to get right now:


When it comes to fun mind games, Peak is your go-to option. As innovative as this game is, it comes with a unique interface and impeccable gameplay that will keep you challenged and entertained.

The reason for so many perks it’s got is that it’s developed by a collaboration of neuroscientists and game developers, bringing challenges that will truly test your abilities. In addition, it has a range of concentration games, puzzles, memory testers, and more that will keep you invested in the game.

Moreover, you often get a personal trainer who will optimize your preferences and suggest the amount of time to give the game to reach a certain goal. It’s truly an innovative game on the market and you should definitely install it today.


When it comes to brain games, Blackbox is one game that you should surely download. Why? It has earned the Apple Design Award for its aesthetic and appealing design and gameplay. What’s spectacular about it is that it features some pretty deceptive brain teasers.

These teasers or puzzles are minigames that are designed to test variable factors associated with the mental capabilities of the brain. If you’re interested in truly testing yourself, then Blackbox is surely a good choice for you.

Vocabulary Builder

What if we give you a game that actually helps you strengthen some core factors of your brain? Well, with Vocabulary Builder you can build your vocab as well as entertain your brain. It comes with a basic interface; however, it has a big database that is directed to listing new words as well as providing synonyms for them.

This helps in increasing your vocab since you’re presented with flashcards that help you strengthen your memory as well as learn new words. It’s also an excellent game for those who are looking to prepare for different exams such as GRE.


The game lets you elevate your mind skills, giving you amazing gameplay with a unique interface and features. For starters, it’s focused on the user’s calendar, meaning it’ll make it easier to create workouts that will focus on the user’s availability.

Next, it creates a detailed performance evaluation so that the user can track and see the difference regarding the progress that you’ve made. As for the games, the users are offered more than 30 games based on cognitive and concentration development techniques.

What’s unique is that these games are fun enough to be played during your free time, lunch break, and any other time you feel comfortable. Moreover, there’s an adaptive difficulty mode too that adjusts as you progress. It’s truly an amazing game, and you’ll surely love playing it!


When we talk about top mind games, we can’t leave Luminosity out of the list. It’s a great game with more than 25 preference-based minigames focused on developing performance. Moreover, there’s a custom-tailored training experience too that users can go through.

If you’re looking to train according to your schedule, the game will develop a program and create games as needed. Moreover, you also get cognitive ability-focused games since developers have collaborated with university researchers for this platform.

Hence, this game also helps improve cognitive abilities as well as provides a fun learning experience that you can definitely spend time with.

Closing Notes

Well, now you have your basket full. So, download these games right away and enjoy an amazing experience while improving your overall sharpness.

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