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Nebula Capsule – Presentation, Features, Connectivity, and More

Nebula Capsule – Presentation, Features, Connectivity, and More

Nebula Capsule

Nebula Capsule a video projector with a design never seen before since it has the shape and size of a soda can.

A complete DLP pico projector with an Android operating system. 360 ° sound diffusion is a versatile little projector.

That you can take anywhere with its internal battery to watch a movie, a cartoon, or even a video game (ideal for a switch game on the big screen).

Anker Nebula Capsule: The Tin-Size Projector Test


  • We love to look at this type of product, original, promising, and designed with passion.
  • On paper, the Nebula Capsule has a lot of quality, so it was essential for us to circle it to confirm that the damage is related to the plumage.


  • In a projector of this size and weight, it can’t be challenging in terms of image.
  • Everything has been miniaturized, so it makes sense not to expect the reproduction and accuracy of a DLP home theater projector.
  • We end up with 854 * 480 pixels in terms of resolution, and the image won’t surprise you.
  • That’s a no-brainer. But that is not its objective since its use is more well thought out for occasional use, on the move, on vacation, etc.
  • It is not designed to replace your central television or projector. We can say that it does what we can expect from a projector of this size.
  • It will be necessary to favor an image not too large to have the maximum possible sharpness.

The image sizes projected with the Nebula Capsule are:

  • 100 inches at 3.08 m
  • 80 inches at 2.46 m
  • 60 inches at 1.73 m
  • 40 inches at 1.15 m

The capsule accepts incoming 4K streams so that you can project all kinds of content.


  • We appreciate the Android system that allows you to easily connect the video projector to WiFi and install all the streaming or VOD apps you want: Netflix, Youtube, Molotov, etc.
  • Another exciting utility: you can connect it to your smartphone to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • The autonomy in the video display mode is approximately 4 hours; for the speaker mode, it is about 30 hours (5200 mAh battery). The recharging time in a fast manner is around 2h30.
  • The internal storage for applications and operating systems is 8 GB, which is sufficient.


  • The connection is quite limited since wireless is preferred in this type of device. However, you will find an HDMI port and a micro USB port for charging.


  • A lovely object and an excellent auxiliary video projector. It will be perfect for lovers of high-tech devices.
  • Those who are often on the go or who want to take a giant screen everywhere. Compact and ultra-connected, the size/versatility ratio is quite impressive.

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Review Nebula Capsule – Presentation, Features, Connectivity, and More.

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