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New Razr Phone – Old ways, New Uses, Folding Screen, and More

New Razr Phone – Old ways, New Uses, Folding Screen, and More

New Razr Phone

A moment that Samsung will be living (yes, Samsung) when it discovers that new Razr phone, after having started the wick of folding screens.

Others are taking the lead, and with good reason. The Galaxy Fold was lost in a strange tangle of problems and complications that relegated the terminal to a corner for early adopters and the wealthy who could indulge themselves.

Thank goodness Motorola has arrived to remind us that absolute wonders can be done with folding screen technology. It has even gone much further, completely reimagining the concept of telephony.

The best of the matter is that all this has been achieving from a presumably outdated design: let’s welcome the new Motorola Razr.

What are the Old ways and New Uses?

It is clear that we not only like retro, but it drives us crazy. In this sense, Nokia revived the 3110 with great success, and precisely from that time is the Motorola Razr, the one that was the first mobile phone for a whole generation.

There was nothing left of this device in the current market: neither the chassis type flip phone (folding body) has survived nor, of course, that peculiar and characteristic design.

It is possible that Motorola was visionary, or perhaps that it was guided solely by usability criteria. Still, the truth is that the creation of the Razr felt great in the pockets.

Being foldable, the device occupied little once folded, and when extended, it showed the keyboard (physical, at that time) and the screen in all its splendor. What if this device were touched with a magic wand and all current technological advances.

That is what the legendary manufacturer seems to have done, proposing a glorious mix between a format that we never stopped liking and many missed and a cutting-edge technology that few brands knew how to squeeze out.

The folding screen:

With folding screens, I have always had a strange feeling: the bulk of manufacturers have taken it as a challenge, almost personal, to develop a flexible screen without considering a fundamental detail. What is it really for?

  • And if you are thinking of a phone that folded up little space but that extended becomes a kind of tablet, that approach can fit as long as it is beneficial.
  • With the Galaxy Fold in our hands, we have seen it clear: the screen on the outside of the device (when folded) is like chewing air. It is useless.
  • However, Motorola has shown us fair use of this combination of folding technology and the f-type lip phone format.
  • The Razr shone precisely because of its compact size in the pocket, but in 2019 we would not even consider using the original phone screen due to its small size.
  • But all these change when the Razr unfolds. And shows its 6.2-inch POLED screen like a butterfly spreading its wings and offering all the best to the viewer.

How come the key is in the auxiliary screen?

  • It is inevitable not to contemplate a folding screen in rapture and how, also, in the Razr, the fold inside is non-existent to the human eye, not as it happened in the Galaxy Fold.
  • A real work of engineering that Motorola has absolute faith in. If Samsung’s foldable phone had to be treated with care to avoid accidental damage. The Razr seems to be a team for every day, resistant and ready for anything.
  • But in reality, in my opinion, the key to the potential success of this equipment. Is on the auxiliary screen.
  • The Quick View screen is not a simple viewer but allows the phone to be used almost wholly.
  • We carry out tasks such as answering messages or making calls. All consistent and convenient to use format.
  • And the best part is that this has only just begun. And one quickly forgets that the processor of this team can be considering fair by current standards.
  • Or that its cameras are ridiculous comparing to the premium phones of the moment.

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