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New World MMO – The New World, Beta Start, and More

New World MMO – The New World, Beta Start, and More

New World MMO

The beta version of Amazon New World MMO begins. We see what the mood is like in the community because online gambling is not just a joy.

What is the New World?

  • The Amazon MMO takes you to the mysterious island of Aeternum. There are supernatural powers that the colonists, you, have to deal
  • New World was billed as a survival MMO focusing on PvP, but it has changed a lot since then.
  • PvP still plays a role in the conquest of Fort, but PvE elements have also been added. Changes were made based on feedback from alpha testers.
  • You can now look forward to an MMO with elements of survival, missions, and PvP battles.
  • The MMO New World has changed a lot since the announcement.
  • There is some skepticism about the New World.

When does the beta start?

  • Already on July 23, those with beta access can join. You can get such access by pre-ordering from New World or by registering on the official MMO website. If you are fortunate, you will receive a key.

How is the mood in the community?

  • New World divides the community in some way. There are many reasons for this:
  • The short-term change from a survival MMO focusing on PvP to a PvE MMO with PvP elements caused some players to be skeptical.
  • Is it possible to change an online game that much in about half a year without the quality suffering?
  • The fact that the beta, which should have already taken place in May, was postponed due to the crown crisis and its launch did not exactly build confidence.
  • Amazon’s shooter Crucible fell through with gamers and even had to go back to beta, and that’s just 43 days after launch.
  • Weapon design is criticized especially legendary ones. According to some players, these don’t seem interesting enough.
  • The question arises as to whether the plan could impair the motivation to obtain these elements.
  • However, players are waiting for the release. New World attracts some MMO fans with its exciting setting.
  • It is also 1 of the few major Western MMOs to appear shortly. So there is great hope for the genre. The Amazon New World beta will begin soon.

What are players saying about the New World?

We’ve summed up some voices from the MMO community for you, illustrating the mood:

Cameltoetem on DLPrivateServer asks, “If the game was developed and designed as a PvP game until recently, but is now a PvE game, how good can the content be, and how much content will it be?
Are you putting out something here that is like Anthem? So it looks great but has virtually no range? ”

“New World is not nearly complete yet and should launch in just under 2 months. I’ve been playing Alpha for quite some time, and unfortunately.

I can only report the following: mistakes, exploits, and frustration are the order of the day. ”

Selfish Lee Everett writes on Steam. “This is the best game I have ever played. The hype is real, folks! ”

Feizzed is excited on Twitter:

  • “I can hardly wait until the beta starts.” ZepGup says on Twitter: “OMG, let me finally play. It was in the original Alpha, and I had a great time. I can’t wait to see what has changed. “
  • As you can see, opinions differ quite a bit. The beta launch on July 23 will show how good New World is.
  • Planning to enter the MMO New World and maybe deal with item production? We will tell you the peculiarities of crafting in the New World and why it plays such an important role.

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