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Nintendo Switch Replacement Parts

Nintendo Switch Replacement Parts

Nintendo Switch Replacement Parts

Nintendo Switch Replacement Parts: It seems like everyone around us is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and we’re not alone in this case. But a new Nintendo Switch can’t be had for love or money, and second-hand ones have fallen victim to the price hike. So it seems if you don’t gamble, you’re out of luck, right?

What is there to do? [Sarbaaz37] found the hardware hacker’s solution to this question: of course, build a Nintendo Switch entirely from spare parts! It took us a month to get the details, and it’s not a project for the faint-hearted, but it allows us to see all the parts packed in the handheld. In total, there are approximately 22 part numbers in the BOM.

Anyone who has recently taken a peek inside a laptop is familiar with the layout of this type of device. A variety of highly tight and fragile electronic devices laid out like a TV dinner have to be neatly put together in a specific order, and it is no different. Along the way, [Sarbaaz37] has some pro tips like cleaning up the stock thermal compound and using a higher grade. The result is a working Switch, which for $ 200 isn’t a bad deal, although they note that the pandemic has caused the prices of Nintendo parts and consoles to rise.

Nintendo Switch Replacement Parts

This is, in our opinion, the first homemade Switch we’ve seen, but it’s not the first desirable consumer electronics item made from gray market parts we’ve seen. Who could forget the adventure of the Shenzhen electronics markets of acquiring all the features included in an iPhone?

Nintendo Switch Joycons

Of all the shiny new things on the Switch, the something that excites me the most is these JoyCons. I love their Lego-like modularity, as well as the many different ways they can be used out of the box. I’m sure Nintendo has a lot of additional accessories coming out in the next few months; I’m a fan of versatile convertibles.

The battery of each of the JoyCons occupies almost the entire width of the controller and has a capacity of 525 mAh. It is pretty easy to reach this point if you have a Y. 0 point screwdriver, making it easy to replace the battery.

Nintendo Switch Joycons

The JoyCon cabinet is a 3 piece design:

  1. upper enclosure
  2. lower enclosure
  3. sidewall

The sidewall sub-assembly has the fundamental mechanisms to attach the JoyCon to the console, handle, and other accessories. The sheet metal part contains a spring-loaded tab responsible for locking the JoyCon to the handle and console. Finally, the flexible cable is accountable for the communication between the console and JoyCon.

The light tubes on the sidewall are pretty nifty – four identical spare lines fit into a small black plastic holder that provides masking and separation, then this whole sub-assembly includes into the sidewall. In addition, it is much cheaper than co-molded light tubes.

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