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OpenSea Clone – Launch the Most Celebrated NFT Business Model Today

OpenSea Clone – Launch the Most Celebrated NFT Business Model Today

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the new hit of the burgeoning blockchain sphere. Days are not so far from NFTs ruling the digital world and shaping the future. Just like chocolates/toys getting good recognition among the kids, NFTs are getting familiar with the creators/artists all across the globe. The use cases of NFTs do not have any stoplight, and it works so well in all places where a small hint of “ownership right” kicks in. From artworks, videos, music, gaming collectibles, domain names, and birth certificates to real estate, NFTs are getting mainstream.

And when we talk about NFTs, the marketplace is a crucial platform as it gives life to the NFTs. OpenSea is the first word that pops up in our minds when we think of any NFT marketplace. This shows the level of reputation that OpenSea has in today’s NFT market. OpenSea is the largest ever-known NFT marketplace till date.

As an entrepreneur, I can hear your inner voice asking, “Are there any viable ways to capitalize on this trend?” Well, the answer is a big YESSS! Developing your OpenSea Clone is the solution!

OpenSea Clone – An Abstract

OpenSea Clone is an exact replica of the existing OpenSea marketplace with similar features and functionalities. Users can buy, sell, trade, bid, and hold their favorite NFTs on the platform. The clone application is the best viable option to seize the attention of NFT enthusiasts worldwide, as the majority of them are already used to the former platform. Developing your NFT marketplace like OpenSea is one of the revenue-generating and most successful business models in recent times.

Features That Add Value to the OpenSea Clone

Lazy Minting: Creators need not pay any fee to mint and list the NFTs. The charges will be levied only when buyers purchase the NFT.

Interoperability: It is a cross-chain NFT marketplace where it can support an assorted range of blockchain networks under a single ecosystem.

Search/Filter: Users can narrow down their search options with diverse filters such as categories, traits, properties, and more.

Top Collections/Buyers/Sellers: A separate section is allocated to show the best collections, buyers, and sellers in the last 24 hours. Even the timeline can be varied over one week to one month.

Wallet Integration: OpenSea Clone will support eminent wallets such as MetaMask and others to securely hold the traded NFTs.

Add to Cart: Similar to the traditional ecommerce platforms, OpenSea Clone will allow buyers to add NFTs to a cart, and it can be checked out easily.

Transaction History: When the listed NFT is clicked, a user can look into all the particulars of previous owners right from the day of its mint.

Properties: This section will display all the traits related to the NFTs, and, at the same time, it shows the total percentage of NFTs that have that similar property in the collection.

Technical Details: This section will display all the technical details of the NFTs. It includes the network it is minted, NFT standard, IPFS, contract address, etc.

Share: This feature will allow the visitors/buyers to share a specific NFT or collection with others on popular social media platforms or by copying its URL.

Payment Gateway: The platform will support cryptocurrency and fiat currency to provide a high degree of payment flexibility to users.

Why Should you Develop an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?

Universal Boss: OpenSea is the largest and the first NFT marketplace to soar over $13 billion valuation. It has an all-time-high trading volume record of $3.7 billion USD. This is the market opportunity for OpenSea. Developing your OpenSea Clone is the right way to capitalize on this market advantage.

White Label Solution: Instead of developing an NFT marketplace from scratch, opting for white label NFT marketplace solutions will save your time and cost. This is because white label NFT marketplace can be readily deployed within just a matter of days.

A Remunerative Business Model: NFT marketplace like OpenSea is a profitable business model that bestows project owners with excellent revenue. The platform can generate profits from various sources such as transaction charges, minting fees, listing fees, etc.

Build Your NFT Community: OpenSea Clone provides you with a phenomenal chance to build your own NFT community. A good community is a sign of a good project.

White Label NFT Marketplace – A Quick and Affordable Solution

White label NFT marketplace is a ready-made platform that can be customized with the features and functionalities that meet your business requirements. Building a platform from scratch will consume more time, money, and effort, while a white label product will make the process simple. When you make up your mind to develop your own NFT marketplace like OpenSea, approaching an eminent NFT marketplace development company is the right option. Consider their years of expertise in the domain, number of members in their team, and portfolio before you choose the blockchain development firm.

Close your Eyes and Fall in the Sea of NFTs – OpenSea Clone is the key!


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