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Leave In Conditioner – Overnight Conditioner, and More

Leave In Conditioner – Overnight Conditioner, and More

Overnight Conditioner

Have you ever heard that if you leave in conditioner on overnight, it works better?

And by “it works better,” we mean softer, silkier hair, with more shine and, the crux of the matter, more nourished and hydrated.

Leave the conditioner on overnight: yes or no?

Many of us hear that if the conditioner is left on overnight, the product works better. But how true is this?

  • Well, girls with dry hair will be happy because it’s true if you want smooth, silky hair that looks and feels good.
  • Then leave the conditioner on overnight, beyond the shower. The night is the ideal time to do treatments or masks such as coconut oil.
  • But the reality is that no particular product is needed. We can also give that extra pampering to our hair with the conditioner.

To leave the conditioner overnight, keep in mind:

  • First, brush dry hair well to detangle.
  • Apply the conditioner from medium to ends, avoiding the roots. Otherwise, you are going to wake up feeling greasy hair.
  • Comb (with a comb) again to distribute the product well.
  • To sleep with the conditioner overnight, braid your hair. A traditional braid, somewhat loose.
  • I covered the pillow with a towel to not to stain it or wet it with the product.
  • In the morning, rinse hair, preferably warm to cold water, to enhance shine and seal cuticles.

Overnight conditioner: which one to choose

Now that we reveal the truth, it is time to choose the conditioner you will use overnight.

The answer is given by your hair type and its specific needs. Here are some options.

1.Dove Super Conditioner 1 Minute Nutrition Factor 80

  • Better than a conditioner is a super conditioner like Dove Nutrition Factor 80 1 Minute Super Conditioner, especially if you have significantly damaged hair.
  • This regenerating concentrate was designed for hair that suffers from chemical cutting or the consequences of excessive.
  • Use of heat tools or subjected to chemical treatments such as permanent straightening, coloring, or bleaching.

2.TRESemmé Deep Hydration Conditioner

  • If you consider that your hair is somewhat dry but does not present significant damage, choose a hydrating conditioner suitable for all hair types.
  • The Conditioner Hydrate Deep TRESemmé provides shine, softness, and hydration with a formula that combines panthenol with aloe vera.
  • In addition, its shape is micellar, which means that it is light, it does not leave hair heavy.

3.Dove Strengthening Ritual Conditioner

  • If breakage is ailing you, you need to strengthen it, and an overnight conditioner can provide the necessary nutrition for that.
  • Try Dove’s Strengthening Ritual Conditioner, with calendula and avocado extract, straight from Central American beauty rituals.

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