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6 Ways to Personalize Your Enterprise Search System

6 Ways to Personalize Your Enterprise Search System

Ways to Personalize Your Enterprise Search System – Unlike popular search engines like Google, which uses an algorithm to display thousands of search results, enterprise search gives results that are only confined to a corporation. The technology only returns queries for only individuals who have authorized access, such as the employees.

Enterprise search has been a dominant search technology in big businesses for producing specific results. It saves time because you don’t have to go through various options to choose what best satisfies your query.

The enterprise search program is incorporated within an enterprise information system. The program organizes the data in an indexed manner, gives access to some, and denies those that are not authorized. The program is then used to access unstructured and structured data within the organization.

How Enterprise Search Personalizes Your Searches

1. Tuning Relevance to Your Content

The enterprise search system has a built-in template that allows a business to organize its contents conveniently. The templates are labeled for quick hierarchical fixing of content. However, the predefined templates are not a must because there is an option to customize the labeling to your fit. The program also allows for a preview so that you can make the necessary adjustments before you fully commit the changes

2. Automation of Content Fixing

The AI-powered tool can quickly generate titles for your content, create descriptions for metadata and eventually optimize the complete information for easier finding. New versions of enterprise search systems support third parties pipelines, pipelines developed by a customer and are customizable to meet your demands.

3. Making Intelligent Suggestions

Algorithms used for text autofill or auto-completion are ineffective as their prediction is based on a particular keyword, but the enterprise search system differs. The system has brilliant features that will predict a word and autofill the entire phrase related to the keyword. Autofill significantly saves users time on the computer keyboard typing a word after each. It also minimizes the chances of misspelling a term.

4. Recording How Users Navigate Through the System

Many enterprise search software is powered with AI tools that can track and learn more about the user as he navigates through the system. Their clicks can give the system a clue about what a given user likes most, which is very important in product searching, where the system will only display those products that the user loves most, Instead of spending a lot of time searching through the system.

5. Linking the Enterprise Search System with User’s Information

The pre-existing user’s data can be analyzed and filtered out by intelligent features to determine what the user is finding. The system can make the best suggestions by tapping historical data, thereby saving users time.

6. Enterprise search system monitors taxonomy

The system understands the simple naming and particular acronyms associated with specific terms. The feature is essential, mainly when the client uses informal language when searching.


Enterprise search technology is most preferred, especially for large companies, because of its quick and efficient way of delivering accurate information. Enterprise search is now incorporated with knowledgeable systems that further boost its performance.

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