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Planet X – What is Planet X, About Planet X, and More

Planet X – What is Planet X, About Planet X, and More

Planet X

Planet X is a hypothetical planet proposed to exist in the outer Solar System. The name “Planet X” was first used by Percival Lowell in 1906 to describe a planet that he believed was responsible for the irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. However, no evidence of Planet X has been found, and most astronomers believe it does not exist.

In 2016, two astronomers at Caltech, Mike Brown, and Konstantin Batygin, proposed a new hypothesis for the existence of Planet X. They argued that the gravitational pull of a massive planet on the outskirts of the Solar System could explain the clustering of several distant objects in the Kuiper Belt. They hypothesized that this planet, which they dubbed “Planet Nine,” may orbit the Sun 20 times further on average than Neptune and have a mass that is roughly ten times that of Earth.

The hypothesis of Planet Nine has been met with mixed reactions from the astronomical community. Some astronomers believe the evidence is strong enough to warrant further investigation, while others remain skeptical. More observations need to confirm or refute the existence of Planet X.

Planet X (pronounced as the letter, not the Roman numeral) is a hypothetical planet searched for throughout the years by many astronomers.

Though searching for this planet, astronomers “found” Pluto and Xena or Eris, all classified as dwarf planets and not considered actual planets.

What is Planet X?

Planet X

  • it was not usually considered the 10th planet because astronomy experts only discovered eight when the search began.
  • In its place, the name merely means an unknown planet that exists beyond Neptune.
  • Neptune identify as a planet because astronomers found oddities in Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • Many believing it had to be causing by a world that was still the parent of the Earth and the sun.
  • Some of the mathematical discrepancies in the orbits of these planets and in Neptune itself indicated another planet beyond Neptune.
  • When Pluto was discovering in 1930, it was not large enough to explain the orbital patterns of the four planets.
  • Thus, science looked for something beyond Pluto, possibly a gas giant the size of Jupiter.

More About Planet X

  • For most of the 20th century, astronomers continued to postulate about the existence of [Planet X] and went to great lengths to find it.
  • Around the 1990s, one of the arguments against the presence of such a planet.
  • It was that the probes sent into space have not moved in a way that suggests the intense gravitational pull of a Planet X.
  • Another contributor to the demise of the [Planet X] theory is that the Voyager 2 space probe gave.
  • More precise measurements of Neptune, which explained the mathematical irregularities in its orbit.
  • Some scientists still postulate the possible existence of a Planet X, but they have reinvented the concept of what the planet could be. About suggest a brown dwarf star and not a world.
  • Other astronomers such as Patryk Lykawka have performed calculations indicating that. In 2013, we will determine with certainty if such a planet exists.
  • The hypothetical extra planet has captured the imagination of many. And appears in numerous science fiction movies, television shows, and books.
  • Animated characters like Duck Dodgers and some of the Transformers refer to Planet X.
  • Fictional representations of Earth may refer to the tenth planet or the hypothetical giant planet that we don’t have yet. And we may never find it because it doesn’t exist.

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