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Projector Write For Us

Projector Write for Us

Projector Write For Us – A video projector is a device that receives a video signal to project images, whether still or moving. Although it seems simple, this mechanism brings up multiple features, such as brightness, contrast, or resolution. If you want to know them all, how they are measured, and which ones you should pay attention to when choosing one of these devices based on the use you are going to give it, we recommend reading our guide: How to choose a projector .

How does a Projector Work?

To project the image, these devices use a lens system and a light source. And depending on how the light and the system used to project the images are, they will be of one technology or another. If you want to know the different projection technologies and their differences, you can go deeper here

Types of Projectors

  • LCD projectors : uses 3 liquid crystal panels. That is why it is also called 3LCD.
  • DLP projectors : projects through a chip made up of millions of microscopic mirrors.
  • LCoS : a hybrid between the previous two.
  • LED projectors : use a source of led lights instead of the traditional light bulb.
  • LASER projectors : use a laser to project, although it is normal to combine both LED and laser to reduce costs, and that is why it is usually called a hybrid laser .

What Parts and Elements does a Projector have?

A video projector is made up of the following parts or elements:

  • Input ports , which are the ones that receive the video signal (HDMI, DVI, MHL, USB, etc) from a device.
  • Light source or lamp , which can be a traditional mercury bulb, LED lights, lasers, or a hybrid between the previous two.
  • System of lenses or mirrors , which reflect the emitted light. DLP technology uses a color wheel or palette, which will have at least the 3 primary colors. And LCD technology directly uses 3 mirrors, one for each primary color, which allow light to pass or not to generate the different color combinations within a panel.
  • Focus lens , which is responsible for projecting the resulting image.

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