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How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103

Over a million people use the multiplayer online (MMO) game platform Roblox daily. Several user-generated games are freely available in this entertaining gaming community, and Xbox One is just one of the gaming platforms where Roblox is accessible.

However, only a few Xbox players have mentioned difficulties joining games, specifically Roblox Error Code 103. Even though it might occur on other platforms, Xbox One was the only place where most of it happened.

This message appears when Roblox Error Code 103 is encountered:

You are attempting to join a game on Roblox that is not currently accessible. Code of Error 103

If this message appears in your window, you probably can’t play all of Roblox’s games with your buddies. How, therefore, may this problem be resolved? Check out this manual to discover more.

Reasons That Could Cause Roblox Error Code 103

Reasons That Could Cause Roblox Error Code 103

There are various causes of Roblox Error Code 103, most of which are connected to the limitations on your account. Here are some particular reasons why Roblox Error Code 103 can show up on your screen:

Roblox has age restrictions, and profiles aged 13 or younger are not permitted. Xbox rigorously enforces this policy more than other operating systems like Windows OS, macOS, and Android. The date-of-birth issue is another name for this.

Firmware bugs: When you play Roblox, your console stores temporary data in its RAM. The original game files may also be confused with this, resulting in issues like the Roblox Error Code 103.

Privacy concerns. If you are using a child account, it has additional security settings, one of which prevents access to content from other users. Therefore, you can disable the option for content from other people.

NAT Problem – Your router’s port settings are to blame for this issue. The UPnP option can be changed to address the Roblox Error Code 103.

Roblox Error Code 524 is typically used to indicate authorization difficulties when playing on a PC or Playstation. The comparable Error Code 610 has more to do with internet connectivity problems than authorization or authentication problems.

How to Repair Roblox Error Code 103

Now that you know all the causes of the Roblox Error Code 103, you can attempt to fix this problem using the precise solutions provided below. You must complete each step to determine which is the best console option.

1. Open a new ROBLOX account without being limited by age

As many games on Roblox exclude children under 13, the first phase is to creates a new account without a Date of birth restriction.

Additionally, Xbox provides extra privacy options that block access to child accounts on a certain website.

After conducting a tonne of research, I concluded that the ROBLOX problem messages happen when the child’s account is made from a PC and utilized on Xbox.

You must creates a new account with a DOB of at least 18 years old to resolve the problem.

Here are the steps to create a new ROBLOX account:

  • From a computer or mobile device, launch ROBLOX and go to the Signup page.
  • Make sure you enter your date of birth in a way that declares you to be older than 18 years old.
  • Complete the remaining fields with your username, password, and gender.
  • To save changes, click the Signup button.
  • Go to your Xbox and select Sign in with your new Roblox account.

You may manage your Xbox console’s privacy settings by following these instructions. Move on to the next if you still receive Roblox Error Code 103 messages. Get free Roblox Toy coupons as well.

2. Allow Contents That Other People Create

Due to the added security of the Xbox, if you get Roblox Error Code 103 on a child account, the privacy settings on the console have likely been set to prohibit content from other users.

To allow comfortable sharing from other users on Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • On the Xbox controller, press the Home button.
  • Go to Xbox Live Privacy under Settings > All Settings > Account > Privacy and Online Safety.
  • Select Game content by going to View Details & Customize and then scrolling down.
  • You may see and share material with others if you move to the right and select that option. Set this option to Everyone.
  • Go to Roblox and press the Xbox Home button to try playing games there.

Even though this step completely eliminates Roblox Error Code 103 on XBOX, you could try some other actions. Verify that Roblox is playable on the PS4.

3. Make use of the port forwarding

If you play Bloxburg and receive error Roblox Error Code 103 on your Xbox One, port forwarding problems may be to blame.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that requires certain ports to be open for you to play.

Port forwarding is enabled by default in newer routers. However, if you have an outdated router, you must manually enable port forwarding. It’s a simple fix. However, you can first redeem Roblox codes for fantastic accessories.

To enable UPnP in your router settings, follow these steps:

  • Go to your router’s login page and select UPnP from the router settings list (NAT Forwarding).
  • Activate the function and save your modifications.
  • If you have an outdated router, manually forward the port. Once there, enter the following numbers in the boxes on the Port Forwarding Menu:
  • TCP: 3074
  • UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500
  • Before entering any Roblox games, save changes and restart your network and console.

4. Implement a power-supply procedure.

Some temporary files won’t remove unless a proper power supply process is follow. You can resolve the problem brought on by firmware bugs by clearing the power capacitors with a powerful power supply system.

The steps to carry out a power-supply process on an Xbox console are as follows:

  • Ensure that your Xbox is completely boot up.
  • Hold the Xbox key on your console for 15 seconds or until the LED turns off.
  • Before resuming power, wait at least one minute or more.
  • Disconnect the console’s power line from the wall outlet and turn the console on the standard way. To go it on, press and hold the power button.
  • Once the XBOX initialization is complete, launch Roblox and attempt to join any game server. It will assist in resolving the error code 103 Xbox One issue.

Additionally, view our list of free Roblox admin commands for accessing in-game premium features.

5. Remove and then reinstall Roblox

Reinstalling the game will be your best choice if the game’s data is corrupt and you encounter Roblox Error Code 103.

To uninstall a game from your Xbox One, track these instructions:

  • Start your console, then select Games & Apps > Roblox.
  • Your console’s Start button should be press. Select Manage Game.
  • Restart your console after selecting Uninstall all.
  • Reinstall Roblox on your gaming system.

On the Xbox One, several users had trouble downloading Roblox, and I will now outline how to do it in detail. For assistance with repairing ROBLOX Error Code 6, see our separate page.

The steps to installing Roblox on an Xbox One are as follows:

  • Select Language and Location under Settings > All Settings.
  • English should be chosen as the major language, and the United States should be the default location.
  • Go to the Games Section after your console has been restart.
  • You will ultimately find the download button if you search for Roblox.

Hopefully, Xbox Roblox problem 103 will vanish after reinstalling the game. With all of these procedures completed, playing Bloxburg is now simple and won’t result in the Roblox Error Code 103 on XBOX One for the Bloxburg game not joining. See our dedicated post for information on removing a Roblox account.


The Xbox One Roblox Error Code 103 is typically related to your account privacy settings or restrictions. However, A kid account, material restrictions, and issues with your router settings can all cause complications. Therefore, if you’ve just recently encountered this issue on your Xbox One, this guide can help.

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