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Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) Full Movie Download and Watch Free Online

Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) Full Movie Download and Watch Free Online

Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) Full Movie

Santhosh Subramaniam 2008 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by Mohan Raja and produced by Kalpathi S. Agoram.

A young man relates his past on how his father wants the best things for him but never asks his son’s opinion on whether he likes them or not.

About the Movie

Directed by: Mohan Raja

Based on: Bommarillu by Bhaskar and Abburi Ravi

Starring Cast:

  • Jayam Ravi
  • Genelia
  • Prakash Raj

Narrated by: Sathyaraj

Produced by:

  • Kalpathi S. Ganesh
  • Kalpathi S. Aghoram
  • Kalpathi S. Suresh

Cinematography: D. Kannan

Edited by: Mohan

Production company: AGS Entertainment

Release date: 11 April 2008

Country: India

Language: Tamil

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More About Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) Full Movie.

santhosh subramaniam full movie

Subramaniam is a wealthy businessman who runs his own construction company. He lives with his wife Shanthi and their children Sanjay and Santosh. Subramaniam cares a lot for his family and adores his children excessively. Santosh, the youngest son, doesn’t like this because he wants to be independent and free from his father’s guidance and control. But Santosh acts normal to avoid hurting his father.

However, Santosh has in mind that both his career and his wife’s should only be his choice and not his father’s. Subramaniam wants Santosh to help him run the company, nonetheless, Santosh dreams of initial a new company on his own and does not favor to work at his father’s company. Meanwhile, Subramaniam organizes Santosh’s wedding to Rajeshwari, daughter of his friend Ramamoorthy. Santosh is surprised that she has no choice but to accept this wedding.

However, Santosh meets Hasini, a college student, and is immediately drawn to his childlike demeanor and jovial nature. Santosh gradually befriends Hasini, and they both fall in love, but he does not dare to report on the love he feels for his father. Santosh is seen together with Hasini by Subramaniam and now reveals his love story. Hasini lies to his father, Govindan, telling him that he is going on a trip to the university and that he is going to Santosh’s house. And also, Subramaniam is furious upon hearing this, as Santosh is already engaged to Rajeshwari. Subramaniam asks Santosh to take Hasini to his house and make her stay with them for a week so that he makes Santosh understand that Rajeshwari is the best girlfriend for him. However, Santosh agrees, believing that Hasini will impress Subramaniam.


The next day, an argument breaks out between Santosh and Subramaniam, during which the former gets excited and screams that he has lost so many little things in life because of Subramaniam. But he preferred to remain calm because he does not want to hurt his father. Subramaniam realizes his mistake and apologizes to everyone, saying that he always wanted to take such good care of his family members but never thought they sacrificed too much to make him happy.

Santosh meets Rajeshwari and apologizes to him. It also makes you understand your situation. Rajeshwari convinces Ramamoorthy that she will have a better boyfriend than Santosh. Meanwhile, Subramaniam goes to meet Hasini and apologizes to him. Hasini says that her father is angry with her for lying and that now she will have to obey her father. But Govindan does not like Santosh, having seen him before drinking with his friends on the road. Subramaniam says that he will send Santosh to Govindan’s house for a week to better understand his character. After numerous incidents between Govindan and Santosh, the former finally accepts the wedding of Santosh and Hasini.


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